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Street Heat



This was me on Monday travelling home from an awesome trip to Peppa Pig world.

We were stuck on the M25 heading toward the Dartford tunnel in very slow and congested traffic.

Our cars air conditioning had decided to give up the ghost and we were baking. The children had the […]

Family Frolics: The London Eye

The London Eye, Multiple Mummy

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

Last week the family and I got the opportunity to visit London and experience The London Eye, courtesy of

As it was the half term and my two nieces and sister in-laws were visiting, they decided to also join us for the trip.

We braved the decision to not […]

Guest Post – How to keep children happy in the car

Guest Post - How to keep children happy in the car, Multiple Mummy

This a guest post written by Sainsbury’s Finance writer Janet Chapman who writes on a range of topics including family matters and car insurance. In her free time she enjoys cooking, the countryside and trying to train her large dog.

How to keep children happy in the car

Driving with bored, restless children in the […]

The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Giveaway

The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

Travelling any form of distance in a car with three toddlers can test the patience of the truest saint. We can’t go more than fifteen minutes down the road on a long a journey (it is like they are programmed to know) without a wee wee stop, a call out for snacks or someone hollering […]

Lights out Blinds Review and Giveaway

Light out blinds review mULTIPLE MUMMY

I was asked by the lovely Tina from Loved by parents to review the Lights Out portable Blackout blind and with the issues we have been having with the twins I thought great stuff!

All neat and compact!

BBwas a dream sleeper and touch wood still is. At 3 he still has long naps […]

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be!

I have submitted this for show off showcase..I was so proud we managed a day in London with three so small by train and to an attraction and it is a memory that will live forever. Plus although I did not edit the video, it is brilliant so I just was sad […]

Packing for 3 under 3! Will we ever fit in?

Packing for 3 under 3 - how will it fit? Multiple Mummy

We have been very fortunate to be treated to a holiday with the whole family by my sister in law to Center Parcs – that is 9 adults and 9 children! It will be truly fantastic – if, (being the operative word here) we can get everything in the car and actually get there! It […]

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