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Walking with toddling twins. What was I thinking?

Walking with toddling twins. What was I thinking? Multiple Mummy

Imagine the situation. You are about to pick your three-year-old son up from pre-school. The sun is out and you are feeling optimistic and the need to be environmentally friendly and walk to collect him. So in your infinite wisdom you decide to trot down with your two and half-year old twins, without back pack […]

12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Multiple Mummy

It is the first of December and now it is officially ok to count down the sleeps to Christmas, which will be 24 sleeps! *little squeal of excitement*

Technically the 12 days of Christmas should start on Christmas Day, but as this post is designed to give you some ideas as to what to put […]

Junction Junction Hippobus and Beetle Bugs Play Set – A review

Jungle Junction Hippobus and Beatle bugs play set review

Junction Junction is a pre school series featuring on theDisney Juniors channel and has been awarded a BAFTA nomination. It is is based on the stories of animals on wheels that live in the jungle. BBloves Jungle Junction the toys have been long awaited.

I was so fortunate to be sent the new Junction Junction […]

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