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Loving the sunshine!

Loving the sunshine, The Gallery, Multiple Mummy

We are not the kind of family that shy away from venturing outdoors when the sun is not out. When you live and holiday in the UK, you know that the weather can be unpredictable and so we are always set up for most weather occasions. When on holiday in the summer we still ensure […]

Water – Ten top Swim tips for under 3’s!

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

Last week was the first time the twins had been introduced to water. Not as in they have never had a bath (obviously I do clean my children and allow them to quench their thirst from time to time so they do know what water is), but I mean in terms of swimming on our […]

Silent Sunday

Our First Family Holiday to Center Parcs

Center Parcs holiday Multiple Mummy

We came home yesterday from the most spectacular holiday yesterday that will be full of treasured memories that will last my lifetime.

We were very lucky, as the whole experience was a treat from my sister in law as her way of celebrating her retirement from the Police Force. We stayed in one of the […]

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