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Home Start UK – Empowering me as a mother. Thank you and Farewell.

homestart- Empowering me as a mother- Thank you and Farewell

I am going to give you a scenario. You may relate to this, you may sympathise, it may be your worst nightmare, but this story is about me at my worst.

‘BBwas 19 months old and the twins were fours month old. On this particular morning I had not put on my make up, had […]

The Importance of Family to me #dosomethingyummy

Family is...

I am the eldest Child of three.

My husband is the youngest of four.

We have three children. Two boys and a girl. (The youngest boy and girl are twins).

The children are lucky to have two sets of loving and supportive Grandparents.

My Grandparent’s on my mother side are still with us. They adore […]

My Fears as a Mother and Her Fears as a Mother

My Fears as a Mother and her fears as a Mother

When I think about BBstarting school this year my mind begins to spin. Where did nearly 4 years go? I don’t know about Noah, but I am not ready and I am panicking He is a summer baby and so is one of the youngest of the year. I worry he will not be independent […]

Home-Start UK – Close to my heart

Home-Start has quite simply been my life line since having the twins. It is a family support charity that is exceptionally close to my heart and one I feel is very important to write about and publicise especially as I have noticed on twitter myself a few more new mummies with twins who have no […]

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