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Junior ISAs from Scottish Friendly
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The Everyday

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

Becoming a stay at home mummy was not a choice for me. It was a financial necessity. As much I as loved my teaching job, I was not prepared to pay to go and do it. I have found myself embarking on my third career in my lifetime of Motherhood full-time, and to begin with, […]

The Crazy Cost of Childcare and why I can’t return to work!

Finance and money always spark up some great discussions. I hate the way money has such control and influence on everyday life, whether that be the size of your house, the wardrobe you have, whether to private or public school educate you children? Despite this I am not naive to this fact and nor do […]

Baby Bath Time Frenzy!

Bath Time Frenzy, Multiple Mummy

I was so grateful that my Mum came to stay with me after BBwas born. I was completely clueless to all the first of everything, because you are out of hospital so quickly now! I was nervous about bathing as I had this tiny little baby that I was still a little cautious to […]

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