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Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night Lights

Night Night, Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night lights, Multiple Mummy

As I carefully unpacked the package from White Rabbit England I was eager to see inside as I can remember having a similar style nightlight when I was a little girl myself.

Upon opening I was astounded by the beauty of it. Inside was a beautiful white cottage nightlight that had been hand painted […]

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Firstly this may sound slightly crazy but I have never stopped believing in you. Dudley Moore in Santa Claus the Movie is just too convincing as an elf – he can’t possibly be an actor!

I just wanted to let you know that I have (I think) been a very good girl […]

Lights out Blinds Review and Giveaway

Light out blinds review mULTIPLE MUMMY

I was asked by the lovely Tina from Loved by parents to review the Lights Out portable Blackout blind and with the issues we have been having with the twins I thought great stuff!

All neat and compact!

BBwas a dream sleeper and touch wood still is. At 3 he still has long naps […]

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!)

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

We have finally taken the plunge and moved BBfrom a cot into a bed! Ok, so we are very late putting BBinto a bed…he is 3 years and 3 months but you see he has always slept so well and has never climbed out so we have never had any incentive too. Plus with two […]

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Review – a must have toy!

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

I won the Tot’s 100 Blog Hop with World’s Apart back in May for my Outdoor Craft Adventures post. Winning this meant a great prize of a family set of Peppa Pig world tickets, a Rock n Rolla Cow, a Mickey Mouse play tent and the opportunity to review Worlds Apart Toys. The first being […]

It’s sleep time now!

We just had the most brilliant few days away. I will tell you about them in future posts but first let me share this with you. The most challenging funny part of the holiday was staying in a family room – all five of us. This is a witness to our night.

Just to mention:


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