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So a little bit of creative licence this week for the theme of Colours in Tara at Sticky Finger’s Gallery post, as I am choosing a word that sums up a colour, rather than an actual colour and that word is….Autumn!

This season is my absolute favourite time of year when I think it’s time […]

Outdoor Craft Adventures!

Oh boy have we felt trapped this week. With two out of my three with chicken pox and one eminent we have had to conjure up all sorts of imagination to keep us occupied, from puzzles to bricks, craft, hunting for dinosaurs and out in the garden digging for worms. Why don’t pox parties happen […]

Spring/Easter flower pots – an alternative gift!

Get crafty - Spring flower pots, Multiple Mummy

I have surpassed myself this week with my creativity! With three under three craft activities usually have disaster written all over them, and although my cream carpet (bought clearly pre-children) is no longer cream it’s state is not added to by green and red paint!

However my son (2 year old Noah) loves sticking and […]

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