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Pirates Ahoy! Lets make a treasure map!

Pirates Ahoy! Lets make a treasure map!

BBis pirate obsessed. OBSESSED!. His hero is actually Captain Hook, and according to Noah, Peter Pan is naughty because he goes onto Captain Hooks ship without asking.

We wear our Pirate outfit everyday and if it gets filthy, I have to wash and dry it overnight so it is not missed. Thank goodness his Godmother […]

Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday is Caption Day, Multiple Mummy

Saturday is caption Day is upon as again, (The weeks seem to go faster don’t they?)

So BBis dressed as a pirate again, I can’t peel the outfit from it, and he has even worn it to pre-school this week!

So an action shot captured this week but what is going on? Captions at the […]

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