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Oh no…me right now!

Oh right now!

The theme to The Gallery this week was ‘Me…right now!”

What? I freaked out.

Can I point out a few things…

1. It is Eleven o’clock at night and I am tired and look rough as houses.

2. I am in front of my computer it is not particularly interesting.

3. The background (being my […]

Beautiful Eyes!

Beautiful Eyes Multiple Mummy The Gallery

I think in all honesty eyes are what really attract people to each other. You can tell a lot from a persons eyes, they reveal so much; How they feeling? Whether they have a secret? Are they lying? Their personality type? Love, humour, age, wisdom. Your eyes really are a giveaway to all you are.


Phone photo’s

Phone photos - Addicted to instagram Multiple Mummy

I love photo’s, I store millions of them and I make photo books every year. Recently there was a discussion round our family dinner table where the question was ‘Is there such a thing as too many photo’s?’ and my answer is No. I love capturing all those spontaneous memories that in the past you […]

Saturday is caption day!

Saturday is caption day is the invention of the lovely Mammasaurus!

My entry for this is…..

What is the fitting caption?


Can you come up with a fitting caption?


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