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Juggling ‘multiple’ relationships

Juggling multiple relationships, multiple mummy

I am sitting in the chicken place at the zoo. The Little Lady is trying to get in and out her high chair which she was determined to sit in, but is actually too big for, teasing me with the fact she needs a wee. Every time we go to the toilet she grins and […]

Call for Multiple Mayhem Carnival Submissions!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival, Multiple Mummy

Hooray, I am so excited as I am hosting the Multiple Mayhem Carnival on May 10th!


This is the first carnival I have ever done, so I am a little nervous at the same time, but am looking forward to some fabulous reading.

What is the Multiple Mayhem Carnival?

It is a post […]

The Twins bizarre reaction to their 1st day of Pre-school!

Twins, 1st day of Pre-school, Multiple Mummy

Any one that follows me on twitter or Facebook will know that my little twin cherubs started pre-school for the first time yesterday. Although pre-schools are allowed to take children from two, the one BBgoes to does not usually take until two and half, so at two years and three months the twins are starting […]

Top Five Things About Twins!

Top five things about twins Multiple Mummy

It is a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be the most hardest work ever. It is also a common misunderstanding that to have twins would be easy – two babies in one go, job done. To have twins is neither of these thing – it is not either of these extremes, it is […]

Twins in the family? Birth stories then and now.

Twins in the family? Birth stories then and now!

If you looked at my Silent Sunday post this week you will have seen the most amazing lady. That lady is my Grandma. She celebrated her 80th birthday and we all had a cream tea birthday party during the day with lashings of pimms and a Chinese meal supper, also with lashings of pimms. For […]

Home-Start UK – Close to my heart

Home-Start has quite simply been my life line since having the twins. It is a family support charity that is exceptionally close to my heart and one I feel is very important to write about and publicise especially as I have noticed on twitter myself a few more new mummies with twins who have no […]

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