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Romance is when you least expect it!

Romance is when you least expect it, Multiple Mummy

Today is Valentines Day. As part of UKMum.TV blogging challenge I am going to tell you a little bit about how my husband perceived Valentines when we met, and how his thoughts changed us both.

Valentines Day is a day for loving gestures, romantic outings, dinners, roses and the possibility of sexy underwear. Or so […]

Humour and HobMother’s!

Humour and HobMother's Multiple Mummy

Things have been really slow on the humour recently, partly because things have been hard work with the kids, but as we have moved through that phase, the funny has begun again! I have been having some particularly funny conversations with BBthis past week. His thought processes and humour never cease to amaze me or […]

So Noah…How much do you love us?

Something to make you smile! Who knew love could be measured so well? Well it had me and hubby in stitches anyway!


Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures Multiple Mummy

Forgive me husband, for I have sinned! Yes I am going to admit to the world (or at least those that read my blog) my guilty pleasure and that is….PRISON BREAK! Or more to the point Michael Schofield played by the gorgeous Wentworth Miller.

I know that @CosmicGirlie will understand this – I believe she […]

A Happy Memory

To pick one happy memory…just one? Impossible. I am sorry it really is. I can’t lie or pretend otherwise, I have been very fortunate and blessed with my life. Not with material things (we have never had money) but it is true that money can’t buy happiness because I could not be happier.

Don’t get […]

Five things I want you to know about your father

Five things I want you to know about your Father

Dear my Beautiful Children,

You won’t understand or realise these things yet, but these are five things I want you know about your Daddy…

Always play time with Daddy!

1. Your Daddy has the gentlest of souls and is the most sensitive man I know. He feels things deeply but is careful never to […]

A Pass on the Love Picnic with Persil 2 in 1 with Comfort!

On Saturday BBand I hosted our very own ‘Pass on the love’ picnic with Persil 2 in 1 with comfort. He invited his four friends and their baby siblings plus their mummies to come to our picnic.

‘Pass on the Love’ is a new idea created by Persil to celebrate the launch of their new […]

The Cynical Romantic

My husband and I have been together eleven years this year which I feel is pretty impressive. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to witness him becoming quite the romantic, however, this has not always been the case. In a first few months of dating (when he was to be quite honest […]

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