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Born With Holes in The Heart

Born with holes in the heart

I started thinking about what we went through when Little Madam was born in a trance like state yesterday, after we went for our appointment at the hospital with her and were finally discharged from the pediatric cardiology department for her holes in the heart.

When the twins were born in their very speedy delivery […]

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Firstly this may sound slightly crazy but I have never stopped believing in you. Dudley Moore in Santa Claus the Movie is just too convincing as an elf – he can’t possibly be an actor!

I just wanted to let you know that I have (I think) been a very good girl […]

Birthmarks – Beastly or Beautiful?


BBwas not the beautiful looking baby you would expect when he was born. This sounds horrible as his mother and of course I thought he was perfect but it had been traumatic labour resulting in a forceps delivery and he looked like he had been in ten rounds with Mike Tyson he was so battered […]

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