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‘Mummy! I Know what you are going to say!’

Mummy, I know what you are going to say! Multiple Mummy

I was finishing loading the dishwasher, when that emergency alarm bell rang in my head. You know the bell. The one that sounds when things suddenly appear far too calm and quiet to actually be a good thing.

I ran into the lounge preparing myself for the devastation. Nothing, but no children could immediately be […]

Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday is Caption Day, Multiple Mummy

Saturday is caption Day is upon as again, (The weeks seem to go faster don’t they?)

So BBis dressed as a pirate again, I can’t peel the outfit from it, and he has even worn it to pre-school this week!

So an action shot captured this week but what is going on? Captions at the […]

So Noah…How much do you love us?

Something to make you smile! Who knew love could be measured so well? Well it had me and hubby in stitches anyway!


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