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Humour and HobMother’s!

Humour and HobMother's Multiple Mummy

Things have been really slow on the humour recently, partly because things have been hard work with the kids, but as we have moved through that phase, the funny has begun again! I have been having some particularly funny conversations with BBthis past week. His thought processes and humour never cease to amaze me or […]

The Fishfinger did it!

the fish finger did it! Multiple Mummy

I received a phone call yesterday from the pre-school asking about an injury to Noah’s face.

They wanted to know whether it had occurred there or at home and they were a little confused by Noah’s explanation.

I automatically replied that yes there was an injury and that in fact it was a burn.

The […]

Friday Funny!

The other week The Boy and Me commented on one of my posts said so many of my stories involves me being naked! I don’t know why this happens. I am not a naked kind of girl, I am more of a dressing gown and hot chocolate kind of girl, but as I say this, […]

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