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Eating out with Three Toddlers

Eating out with toddlers, multiple mummy

Eating out before children was one of my husband and I’s favourite things to do. A yummy meal that has been cooked for you and can then be enjoyed with a favourite beverage (in hubby’s case wine, and in mine hot chocolate!) is just bliss.

Eating out following children, particularly the twins has become more […]

Half Term fun with Warner Brother Bumper Box

Half term fun with warner brothers bumper box, Multiple Mummy

I told you this week how Warner Brothers spoilt me with a Valentines Treat, but they also went one step further as they provided me with a package to entertain the children.

We received this fabulous bunch of goodies, including

A Bumper box of toons DVD’s Volume One of Scooby Doo – Mystery Incorporated Volume […]

Trapped for 7 hours! Friday Funny

As part of Mummymummymum’s Friday Funny!

Setting the scene: Me, Daddy, The twins, Noah, Car seats, a car and a 7 hour road trip!

Little Madam (LM): Mummy….Mummy…

Me: Yes

LM: Mummy…Mummy…Mummy

Me: What is it Little Madam?

LM: Mummy, Mummy……..MUMMY!!!


LM: Mummy…sheep!

Me: Yes darling sheep!

LM: Mummy….sheep!

Me: Yes, another sheep!

Noah: […]

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