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The King’s Panto book and DVD Review Plus win a Signed copy!

The King's Panto book and DVD review plus win a signed copy. Multiple Mummy

Everyone loves going to a Pantomine don’t they?

‘oh no they don’t!”

‘Oh yes they do!”

(I am so witty sometimes hey!)

The King’s Panto is a fabulous Children’s Story written by Martin Coleman. It tells the story of a very grumpy King who demands and shouts and is completely selfish, who insists a Royal […]

‘Now you’ve got your penguin, can we have a baby?’ Happy Feet 2 Review!

'Now you've got your penguin, can we have a baby?' Happy Feet 2 Review!, Multiple Mummy

Last week I received the most beautiful box of Happy Feet Goodies from Warner Brothers. I have the fondest memories of Happy Feet because I saw the first film in the cinema with my brother and Mum (hubby refused to attend!) and embarrassed them so much when I loudly exclaimed ‘I don’t want a baby, […]

Choo Choo! Thomas in Charge

Thomas in charge! Multiple Mummy

Chilled out boy is the Thomas the Tank engine train expert in our house (he is however outdone by his cousin who adores Thomas!) but loves them and has even stolen borrowed Noah’s Thomas annual so that he can name all the trains. We are already planning to book the next Thomas visit at the […]

Use your imagination with Little Charley Bear

Use your imagination with little charley bear Multiple Mummy

I was first introduced to Charley Bear when my Mum got bought a soft toy one for her birthday! We all thought he was so cute. I then discovered that little Charley Bear is in fact a character from the Children’s TV show Little Charley Bear.

We were then asked by Hit entertainment whether […]

Advent Calendar Day 17 – Bob the builder DVD

Advent Calendar Day 17 Bob the builder DVD Multiple Mummy

Can you fix it? ……YES WE CAN!

Bob the builder has been running since 1999 and is still as popular as ever.

My little ones love him and are constantly playing fixing and dressing up as him! We also have to sing the song which is totally addictive all the time. If little ones are […]

Rastamouse 1st DVD and Talking Rastamouse Plush Toy Review


I have to admit we have never seen Rastamouse before. I have no idea how we have missed him before and we have a lot of catching up to do but we have fallen in love with this furry little Rastafarian rodent who helps fight crime with the help of his gang ‘Da Easy Crew,’ […]

Postman Pat turns 30 and wants to giveaway a his new DVD!

Postman Pat turns 30 and wants to give away a DVD Multiple Mummy

Last month I told you that Postman Pat celebrates 30 years! Postman Pat is the longest running animated TV series on the BBC and as I turn 30 next year and loved it when I small I can see why he has sustained such love and loyalty.

Today at the new Westfield Centre Postman Pat […]

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