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Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard, Multiple Mummy



Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday, Multiple Mummy

The Perfect Landscape

The perfect Landscape, Multiple Mummy, The Gallery

With three children under three going on holiday can be a bit of a challenge in terms of finance, meeting their needs of fun, distance, fitting everything in the car and sometimes you can fear that it can be more of a hassle to go than to stay in the comfort and convenience of your […]

A cinema first for Noah with The Muppets Movie!


Anyone who is a 70’s and 80’s child will remember and love The Muppets with complete fondness. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear and of course Miss Piggy can hardly be forgotten, but sadly they disappeared from our screens…until now that it! They are back and more adorable and as funny as ever!

Noah, like […]

One Born Every Minute – through Daddy’s Eyes

One Born every Minute, Through Daddy's eyes, Multiple Mummy

This week Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute starts again and the focus is on all the Daddies.

Birth and labour is such a personal story, and despite many similarities between them, no two labours are ever the same. In the mist of pregnancy, baby product buying and antenatal classes, as ‘Mother’s to Be’ we […]

Something to be proud of!

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

I must admit I have been having a huge stress and panic over this week’s Gallery theme. I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to reveal something about me, but upon close inspection I became disappointed and gloomy and felt I had little to offer. I wanted to be quirky and think outside […]

Five things I want you to know about your father

Five things I want you to know about your Father

Dear my Beautiful Children,

You won’t understand or realise these things yet, but these are five things I want you know about your Daddy…

Always play time with Daddy!

1. Your Daddy has the gentlest of souls and is the most sensitive man I know. He feels things deeply but is careful never to […]

A precious memory captured forever

Anyone that knows me will know how unbelievably sentimental I am and how much I like to take a precious memory and capture it forever. I keep scrapbooks for the children, I make photo-books, I keep cards, I am a hoarder of memories.

This week’s Gallery theme is summarising just that – it was […]

Peppa Pig World – our AMAZING day!

Peppa Pig World Multiple Mummy

I was very fortunate that back in June I won the Tots 100 Blog Hop for my post Outdoor Craft Adventures with Worlds Apart Toys. My prize included family tickets to Peppa Pig World. We finally made our visit this week and I cannot shout more loudly and clearly about how AMAZING it is! Really […]

Water – Ten top Swim tips for under 3’s!

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

Last week was the first time the twins had been introduced to water. Not as in they have never had a bath (obviously I do clean my children and allow them to quench their thirst from time to time so they do know what water is), but I mean in terms of swimming on our […]

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