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Guest Post – How to keep children happy in the car

Guest Post - How to keep children happy in the car, Multiple Mummy

This a guest post written by Sainsbury’s Finance writer Janet Chapman who writes on a range of topics including family matters and car insurance. In her free time she enjoys cooking, the countryside and trying to train her large dog.

How to keep children happy in the car

Driving with bored, restless children in the […]

Trapped for 7 hours! Friday Funny

As part of Mummymummymum’s Friday Funny!

Setting the scene: Me, Daddy, The twins, Noah, Car seats, a car and a 7 hour road trip!

Little Madam (LM): Mummy….Mummy…

Me: Yes

LM: Mummy…Mummy…Mummy

Me: What is it Little Madam?

LM: Mummy, Mummy……..MUMMY!!!


LM: Mummy…sheep!

Me: Yes darling sheep!

LM: Mummy….sheep!

Me: Yes, another sheep!

Noah: […]

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