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Where do you blog?

Where do you blog? Multiple Mummy

This meme has been going round the past week and it has been really insightful getting to be that fly on the wall to see where people blog. I have been tagged in by the lovely mummymummymum to show you where I blog and to decide if it is saintly or slatternly?

This is where […]

What makes a blog have the X Factor?

Blogging has been a bit in the firing line recently. I have honestly been in a bit of no mans land when he came to sides, I could see it from all angles and having been on the debate team in my youth (yes I was a nerd!) I feel I could have a put […]

Blogging etiquette – who knew?

My nose was put a little out of joint today when I was rudely told by another blogger (quite a big one who shall remain nameless) on twitter not to post my blog content to gain followers! It was not the ‘done’ thing! Seriously how else do you gain followers without putting your work out […]

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