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Junior ISAs from Scottish Friendly
Invest in your child's long term financial future.

Love Lingerie? Then win the chance to become this years Freya Blog Star!

Freya Fitting talk blog star

Last year in my early days of blogging I entered the Freya Blog Star competition and won!

It has been an awesome year working for such a wonderful company and team and they have kept me on for another year to.

I regularly get sent lingerie and swimwear to review, have attended events such at […]

My Cybher 2012 Schedule

Cybher 2012, Multiple Mummy

Cybher, a blogging conference organised by women (or actually one incredible woman Sian) for women, from all blogging backgrounds – parenting, beauty, fashion and photography to name a few.

The day was inspiring, friend enhancing, educational, exhausting and very pink!

Loving the pinkness!

It was fabulous to meet up with blogging friends I have […]

Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Multiple Mayhem Carnival, Multiple Mummy

Hello and welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival for May. I have some wonderful posts to tell you about, from some fabulous bloggers of Multiples. All of which I can relate to!

People tend to go one of two ways when they talk to you about having twins or more I find. They are […]

The Miracle Box: My Britmums Live Sponsor with a fabulous giveaway!

The Miracle Box: My Britmums Live sponsor plus giveaway, Multiple Mummy

The Miracle Box is an awesome Great British company for parents and parents to be that design and manufacture gorgeous maternity and children’s products.

I got to know Martin Beckley the founder of The Miracle Box after him agreeing to be part of my Advent Calendar Competition at Christmas time. The competition was a huge […]

Call for Multiple Mayhem Carnival Submissions!

Multiple Mayhem Carnival, Multiple Mummy

Hooray, I am so excited as I am hosting the Multiple Mayhem Carnival on May 10th!


This is the first carnival I have ever done, so I am a little nervous at the same time, but am looking forward to some fabulous reading.

What is the Multiple Mayhem Carnival?

It is a post […]

Why I love having a Facebook blog page!

why I love having a facebook blog page

I started my Facebook page one year ago this month. I had seen talk of other bloggers having one and promoting their pages on twitter and I thought it was just another thing to have as a blogger. I, like the willing blogger in the early stages set one up (I was at only three […]

Cybher Meet and Greet – A little nervous so come say hello!

Cybher Meet and greet - a little nervous so say hello! Multiple Mummy

I am very excited to be attending Cybher this year in May. I really feel that this weekend is going to teach me a lot and also give me the chance to meet up with some lovely friends and to hopefully make some new ones. There are many people I chat to on twitter that […]

The Gallery – Friendship

Friendship, Multiple Mummy

I am so lucky in life when it comes to my friends. I have long-term friends that I have known since primary school, I have my two closest friends and secret keepers who I share everything with, I have friends I have made since having the children, my two best girls from university along with […]

Motivation, Inspiration and Continuation

Motivation, inspiration and Continuation Multiple Mummy

What is my blog all about?

Well this is best divided into three parts


I needed an outlet. A place where I could express myself but feel challenged. A place where I could be progress and change. To be honest that is not what I thought when I started. As I have explained before […]

I won’t shy away – I happen to love Blogging

I went away this weekend, and had the most fabulous time which should not be a surprise as we were staying in top notch London hotel and had spa treatments and a limo..what’s not to like? However, I always worry about being in large groups of people, as I get very nervous and insecure. I […]

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