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Family Frolics: Build a Bear

Family Frolics, Build a Bear, Multiple Mummy

Welcome back to Family Frolics.

Well it is Friday 13th considered unlucky to some, but not for us because it is Multiple Nanny’s (my Mum’s) birthday and we are off for a BBQ this afternoon.

Happy Birthday Nanny! 

This week my husband has been away on a school trip and so Nanny came to stay with […]

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday, multiple mummy

Family Frolics #7 – A Treasure Hunt

Family Frolics, Multiple Mummy

Welcome back to Family Frolics!

As you may have realised now Pirates are the ‘in thing’ at the moment in our house and most things we do have a pirate related element. This week we went on a treasure hunt the week before we made the treasure map!

So here is our little trip […]

Fresh Eyes for 2012

fresh eyes for 2012

Well it has been a really busy Christmas break and after completing the final advent calendar post (I really hope you lot enjoyed those comps as they were exhausting to run) I took a mini blog break with the view to come back and review with fresh eyes in the New Year and start to […]

You’ve Got Mail….From Postman Pat!

You've got mail, Postman Pat, Multiple Mummy

I think I have mentioned this before, at least on twitter but I have an obsession with post. I get so excited at the thought of the Postman coming and even more disappointed if he doesn’t! (This is not a euphemism for anything; I genuinely like packages…I have just made that worse haven’t I?)

This […]

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