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There were two in the bed! (Saturday is caption Day!)

There were two in the bed, Saturday is Caption Day, Multiple Mummy

So put your thinking caps on!!

They were so proud of themselves and giggling incessantly when they sneaked into Mummy and Daddy’s bed! This photo is linked up to Saturday is caption Day, so please let me know your thoughts and captions for this pic!



The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!)

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

We have finally taken the plunge and moved BBfrom a cot into a bed! Ok, so we are very late putting BBinto a bed…he is 3 years and 3 months but you see he has always slept so well and has never climbed out so we have never had any incentive too. Plus with two […]

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