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Straw Art – Creating Blow Paintings!

This week the kiddies and I got messy in the kitchen. Pre-school was not starting until mid-week and going out was impossible with all that wind and rain.

So we started talking about wind and what it was and how it can make things move. I told them that when they blow out air from their mouths and it would create a force that can blow things away like paper. So we practiced blowing some scrap pieces of paper which they thought was hysterical.

I decided to get the paint out and do some straw art picture with them, where they blow the paint around the paper with a straw.

The best way to do this is to pick two complimentary colours and put them in separate bowls. Water them down slightly to make them runny. If you have a pipette it is easier to put it onto the paper (and thicker paper works best, otherwise things can get a little soggy) but you can just pour it on. You then blow through a straw and allow that to direct the movement of the paint. With the toddlers two paints was enough but with older children you could add a whole range of colours.

The children were in their element and claimed they were making monsters and then the sea. I had to strip the twins down as I don’t have aprons for them yet, so it was easier to just take their tops off which is why they are shirtless in the photo’s.

Here is them at work!

Multiple Mummy, Straw Art

Straw Art Multiple MummyStraw Art Multiple MummyStraw Art Multiple Mummy

Modern Art…the Tate Gallery will be after these in no time!

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