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A change in mentality – getting the blog/life balance!

So I will say it…honestly I will, out loud and in writing. My name is Kerry and I am a blogoholic!

When I embarked on this journey (hate that word), mission, adventure that is blogging I never really knew what I getting involved in. I was feeling a little lost and lonely. A stay at home mum that adores her children but at times was finding the lack of mental stimulation a little tiresome. Never bored…no time to be bored but not mentally challenged.

I started to read a lot to keep my brain in action. I delved into the depths that is twitter and soon found that to be quite addictive, my venture at the time being comping. I still like to do this a bit! I stumbled across a blog that made me want to comment. Do you know for the life of me I can’t remember who that was? Anyway whoever it was has a blogger blog…and as I signed in to comment it asked me if I wanted to make one, there and then. I don’t know what possessed me. It isn’t like me at all to be that impulsive. But I thought, hey why not!

That was it, my little blogging world began. I didn’t know that things were recorded to give you stats, I had no idea about followers and I still remember looking at google friend connect and thinking ‘oh my God someone I don’t know is following me!’ Other than that, it was my sister and her other half that were supporting at the time. My hubby doesn’t follow me even now (he claims he reads it!)

Anyhow I digress…. since that very random day on 31st January you will find that if you read my opening post I claim to blog once a week, then later changed my mind to three times a week, and then at one point was doing it every day! This last month has been the first month I can honestly say I have been happy with everything I have posted and hope to continue with that this month. I want my posts to be of quality, ensure their relevance and really take control.

This new attitude has coincided with the realisation that I am a Mum first and that this (as much I sometimes pretend it to be) is not my career. I don’t get paid, it is for fun and therefore the moment I am saying to children ‘one more minute, I must finish this’, which I am sure we have all been guilty of, I need to take a step back.

I am now scheduling my week back for activities with the kids without the fear I may miss a twitter conversation (I know it’s pathetic, but when you feel lonely sometimes you become reliant). I am now posting when I want to, not because I feel I have to, and I am enjoying it all the more because it has become my hobby again. My down time and my fun.

I hope that people continue to enjoy reading what I write, I hope it continues to feel relevant, honest and real and please tell me the moment you don’t think this is the case.  I am truly loving the experiences that the blogging doors have opened for me, the events I have been lucky enough to attend and more importantly the friends, and I genuinely mean friends I have made. I hope this is for the long haul. More importantly, I hope when I am in my 60’s I can read it back and say ‘That’s my life….your one lucky girl!

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17 comments to A change in mentality – getting the blog/life balance!

  • Lovely post Kerry! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 😉


  • Bravo honey, what a great post! You know I love you’re blog (and you!)

    “one more minute” *sticks hand in air* Yup, I’ve been there.
    I think I’ve got the balance right now with my life and my blog too. My klout score and other scores have taken a nose dive but so what…Life comes first, blog second.

    • multiplemummy

      Yeah my stats are going to be shocking for the next few months, especially as I have moved to self hosted. It is going to takes ages to get people back. x

  • I enjoyed reading how you started blogging very much, this is what I decided to write for Flashback Friday this week too!
    Glad you found the right balance for you.

  • Jenny paulin

    What a fab post! I joined twitter and created my blog for same reasons as you too. Since having Jenson ihave stepped back a little on twitter because I was trying to tweet, entertain Burton and feed Jenson at the same time and you just can’t do all 3 well.
    yes I can multi task but wasn’t giving my time completely to my boys. So I tend to leave tweeting and blogging to evenings or early mornings now – although the blogging hasn’t been great this week cos ihave been having early nights. But hey a woman can only do so much!!
    Waffle waffle lol x

    • multiplemummy

      Thanks lovely. I tis so hard to balacne everything and I am so worried now as I have changed to self hosted, lost all my followers and all my comments for the month and all y hard work will be not be apparent in the stats for months! Oh well. Hey ho. x

  • I’ve read this before and thought it was brilliant then. That blog-life balance is a killer, isn’t it? My wife is on my shoulder right now saying: ‘What are you doing? Let’s take the boys out for a walk.’ I need to get a grip, get some balance.

  • ‘just one more minute’ – guilty of that too!
    I can really sense your worry of moving to self hosted and ‘losing’ people. Yes it will happen, I’m still recovering from March move but I ask myself ‘What is more important? Followers or my family?
    OK it’s the followers but we’re not supposed to admit it :)
    I sway from being very wrapped up in my blog and the blogworld to being nonchalant about the whole thing and still haven’t cracked the balance either.
    *lifts glass* here’s to finding it xx

  • Angela M

    Found this post really interesting, like you I found my way to twitter for comping which then introduced to the would of bloggers. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches to setting up my blog and writing the first post, which I will hopefully publish later this week.

    I’ve got lots to learn and the terminology is a little confusing what with all the widgets you can add to a blog, but I’m getting there slowly.

    I’m off now to go and read your very first post!


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  • I was slightly ashamed when Smallest said “just a minute” to me the other day – realised how she must hear it! But blog and twitter is often my only adult contact during the day, and I *need* it. Have tried to focus back a little bit though and make it all a bit more worthwhile.

  • I also started blogging in January (19th) and have just this summer realised how unbalanced my life has become in favour of blogging, tweiiter and fb. Maybe it’s a 10 month thing or maybe we’ve all reached the 1990s of blogging. Whatever – balance has to be restored as soon as possible in my house too.

  • It is really difficult to find a good balance. We have a no laptop rule when the children are about so I only blog when I have ‘free’ time. But then I end up spending that on Twitter or reading blogs, which is lovely, but I need to actually get to writing something!

  • […] change. To be honest that is not what I thought when I started. As I have explained before I really stumbled in blogging on an impulse moment of weirdness and somehow got totally sucked into the whole addiction of it. In […]

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