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Day 6 – Potty Training

Well I am trying to contain my excitement but today has been a ‘nearly dry’ day! We had one little dribble mid afternoon, which only required a pant change and not a trousers change and then an accident at the end of the day when it was totally my fault. My student turned up (who […]

Day 5 – Potty Training (Piece of Piss! Yeah right!)

Well today had been interesting. BBstill had accidents as you would expect but today he did immediately ask to have pant and trousers put back on. We attempted a reward chart, but he is still more interested in chocolate as bribery! The pant less scenario did mean however that we had two wee’s straight onto […]

Day 4 – Potty Training (Help!)

We have gone backwards a bit today! *sad face*

This morning I had my Home Start lady and she minded them while I did my huge ridiculous mountain of ironing, which I why I have her (plan to talk about home start in a future post) but of course it is difficult for her to […]

Day 3 – Potty Training

So last night I was feeling very anxious and I tried one last time before bed to see if we could get a wee in the potty. No such luck, and my husband turned to me and said ‘Kerry, in his own time, don’t push him love.’ To which BBreplied by saying, ‘Yes Mummy, don’t […]

Day 2 – Potty Training

Well all I can say is thank God a friend of mine (thank you Sam) gave me some of her boys clothes including lots of pairs of shorts because boy did we get through them today!

The problem today was that h e is telling me he is going as he is going and […]

Day 1 – Potty Training

I decided to brave it today – the start of the easter holiday and all that to go for the potty training. If you refer to my previous post potty pressure, you will see I have been having a number of issues!

Today was a break through. The boy wore pants! Not only did he […]

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