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Too scared to do a Number 2! Advice needed!

I apologise in advance for this post as it is mostly entirely about number 2’s or the fear of doing one! Do not read this if you are eating! I am however after some advice, which is why, I am choosing to discuss it.

So I got a phone call today from pre-school asking if […]

Toilet Humour!

Toilet Humour

What is it with toddlers and their fascination with finding everything poo or wee related funny or is it just mine?

We are a little wee and poo obsessed in my house at the moment as I have all three using the potty! There is constant praise and now all three will applaud each other […]

Max Balls – A Review!

Max balls review and giveaway

Max balls are brilliant toilet training aid created by a Dad who was frustrated at the lack of toilet training devices for little ones and they were featured on Dragon’s den! If you have read any of my potty diaries with BBand since how he has recently regressed you will no that my potty training […]

Potty Training Twins…Decisions decisions!

Toilet Humour

I am having a dilemma and I don’t really know what to do. Any of you that have regularly read my blog will know that potty training BBhas not been easy and that recently he has regressed, but the twins are proving to be a very different kettle of fish. Deciding whether to potty train […]

A little boy confused! Baby or big boy?

A little boy or big boy? Multiple Mummy

We have hit a troublesome spot in the Multiple Mummy household. It serves me right, as we breezed through the so-called terrible two’s without a tantrum that sustained longer than 3 minutes and that very rarely occurred. But being three has been a whole new ball game for both me and for Noah. My little […]

Day 13 and 14 – We have breakthrough

I think we have done it! We have really done it!

The past two days have been fantastic…it is like something has just clicked into place.

Yesterday we started the day with one accident. Then later in the morning my husband took BBto the local shops to get some lunch and where would be the worst […]

Day 11 and 12 – Potty Training

We might be very near breakthrough point! Woohoo!

We have had two very successful days. Still a couple of accidents, but far more relaxed and so so close to dry.

Yesterday the wee boy was dry all morning, and then had a nappy on for nap time and then we braved it out at […]

Day 9 and 10 – Potty Training

It has been such a busy weekend that all eyes were off the ball really. My Mum turned up with the very glamourous looking chair potty; voila!

Noah….not impressed! He has now decided that he prefers the red one!

On Saturday I was out all day but my husband told me he managed […]

Day 8 – Potty Training – an apology to my Son

So today has been up and down and contained one tantrum and meltdown that was not Noah!

The morning started well and he did the first  morning big wee in the potty. Then he decided from then on he was going to refuse to use it. Every time I ask hm to go he […]

Day 7 – Potty Training

Late post I’m afraid as I was out indulging in an early birthday treat from my best friend. (She took me for dinner and the theatre!)

So potty training…

Not sure what to think really. BBwent to nursery today armed with a million pairs of trousers and pants. The nursery are superb and so […]

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