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You’ve Got Mail….From Postman Pat!

I think I have mentioned this before, at least on twitter but I have an obsession with post. I get so excited at the thought of the Postman coming and even more disappointed if he doesn’t! (This is not a euphemism for anything; I genuinely like packages…I have just made that worse haven’t I?)

This week I received a lovely package of a Postman Pat Big SDS van and a letter informing me that it was in fact Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday.

You've got mail, Postman Pat, Multiple Mummy

Postman Pat and his black and white Meow!

So this is for you from BBwho got very excited when I told him!

So we have been asked to send Postman Pat a Birthday Card and you can too. In return Postman Pat will reply to every card or letter via email.

I have to say that email is a little disappointing, we would have loved more post, (surely that’s the man’s job – it is a little ironic) but I suppose it is the sign of the times now with communication! Anyhow when I told BBthat Postman Pat would write back via email he was very excited and wanted to start his card straight away. He couldn’t as I was telling him about it in the car, but had the apparatus been there he would have.

So this is our mission for today, to make a Birthday card for postman Pat and send it to:

Postman Pat

Evolution PR

The Abbey Centre


NN11 4XG

Why don’t you have a go too? Please ensure to send it with a valid e-mail address and your child’s name!

A great way to celebrate a favourite character of 30 years! Bravo Pat!


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