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Your Shape – fitness evolved with Ubisoft and NIVEA

Well, I travelled home on a high last night after a great event in London. Not only did I get the chance to meet some other fabulous bloggers that I can now put faces to names but I also got the chance to have an evening focused on pampering and self care courtesy of Nivea and Ubisoft! The champagne being issued at the start was a winner for me!

Posh glass!

When we arrived we were thrown in the deep end with the game that Ubisoft had launched, their new Xbox360 kinect game called Your Shape – Fitness Evolved which brings the personal trainer into your very own living room.

As a girl that is currently part of MOMenTUMS (the mummy bloggers that are trying to get their pre Mum Tums back, I found this game very fitting. Not only am I too busy to get out to the gym but I also lack any inclination to go. The fact that I can put this on at home in an infrequent spare 30 minutes suits me. The game itself has three main elements

  • Personal training
  • Fitness classes
  • Fun gym challenges

The game utilises the 3D Microsoft camera for Xbox to map your body shape so that you can measure your vital statistics and track your body as you work out showing every movement on the screen. It was so accurate that the girl demonstrating the game scarf could even be seen!

Additionally to the game you can now download other workouts directly through Xbox LIVE on the console. This is where Nivea steps in as their health and fitness consultant Sarah Maxwell (who sadly I did not get an opportunity to speak to) has created an exclusive workout.

The fact that Nivea were there was fantastic. I got the chance to have a pampering facial using all their products.

Me being indulged!

And the products used!

Now the girls and I that were there discussed the Nivea products (namely MummyOnline and Mummyandthebeastie) and we were saying that when you think nivea you think blue tub of cream that you Grandma swore by. You also tend to think high street and not facial quality. Well, I tell you, this facial put Nivea products in a whole new league for me and I shall definitely be purchasing them in the future (obviously once my gorgeous freebies run out!), especially as they are so affordable. My face felt lovely! (I did however have to go into toilets and put my makeup back on as I also looked a fright!)

The other interesting part of the evening was having Al Ferasa done which is the ancient art of face reading. I was told that I am a very emotional person and feel things deeply but I don’t always express this on the outside and should show this side of me off more in my blog. I was also told I was the sort of person that responded well to recognition and praise, which is true I am like a school girl that needs to be told she is doing well. However he did make me laugh when he said, ‘I can tell you are tired…this is because you have bags under your eyes!’ I wasn’t offended as it is mostly true, but I had just had a facial, there was probably lots of mascara smudged under there too!

The final part of my evening was seeing the nutritionist who practices kinesiology and was able to tell me about some of my nutritional issues, namely that my sugar level are too high because I eat far too much chocolate. This is also too true as I am so guilty of not having lunch and having a chocolate fix instead. I am really going to have to wean myself. I also need to start taking probiotics, which is an easy remedy, so I am going to add these to my MOMenTUM list.

I am not sure the next three glasses of champagne assisted my health regime, but they went down very nicely and sadly I had to leave to get the train home. A very enjoyable evening had by all but clearly an excellent idea to combine fitness, health and body care as a whole package rather than as individuals. I like the idea that this is achievable at home and affordable to us mummies out there!

My gorgeous goodie bag!

Note: I was not asked to write this post,it is of my own volition from an enjoyable night, the words are my own and no money has been exchanged. The freebies issued were the Nivea goodie bag and copy of the Xbox kinnect game!

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