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Your Eggscellency – Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Review and Competition

Easter is one of my favourite times, mostly because it usually encompasses my birthday (sometimes even on Easter Day) and chocolate Easter Eggs! What could possibly be wrong?

Well, the only trouble that we have with chocolate in my house is that my husband is a dark chocolate fan and I am a milk chocolate fan. When you look around the shop you see a variety of milk chocolate Easter eggs, but Dark are far and few between, and now we are adults, we don’t get the same array of eggs bought for us any more (it is all for the little kids, which is great but I am all for big kid donations too!) and poor hubby often goes without because if we do, it is usually milk chocolate!

I have a solution however, in the form of the ‘Your Eggscellency’ Easter Egg made by Hotel Chocolat and when it turned up for me to review it really does scream an egg for royalty! An egg designed specifically for grown up and not for the kids, which I like a lot!

Your Eggscellency - Hotel Chocolate Review and competition

Carefully cocooned in a ‘hat’ style box, tied up with a ribbon, lies the extra thick chocolate egg. It is like unveiling a crown. Two halves wrapped in gold paper; one dark chocolate (70%) and one milk (40%), encasing the most precious gems – yes you guessed it, the truffles, of which there are twelve, including the pink champagne truffles (my favourite!).

Your Eggscellency - Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg review and Competition

Royalty of chocolate!

Now my Dad (who, when you listen to him talk about his childhood, would assume he was from the dark ages) likes to harp on about what Easter eggs used to be like. ‘Not these thin pathetic eggs that have no chocolate to speak of!”

Well, all I can say is that my Dad would be truly impressed with this egg. The thickness of chocolate has to be seen to be believed, so here is a comparison for you against a regular shop bough egg! Look at the difference!

Your Eggscellency - Hotel Chocolate Easter Egg Review and competition

What a difference!


Plus I love the Hotel Chocolat story behind the thickness of their eggs.

They say

‘When we first started making eggs 12 years ago, we were advised by industry experts to use the least amount of chocolate by making them as thin as possible and to arrange the chocolates around the outside of the egg to make it look as big as possible. We did the opposite and made ridiculously thick shells with all of the chocolates hidden inside for extra Easter excitement.’

They certainly did, and they have totally won me over!

As for taste, well there is little contest. Hotel chocolat is the treat chocolate only dreams are made of and I hold my sister-in-law totally responsible for introducing me to it in the first place!

This egg would not only make a great present, but actually I think it would be the most amazing after dinner chocolate piece, to go with coffee, as it has something for everyone. The milk and dark chocolate and the truffles. It would be a real treat to the table.

This egg is priced at £26.00 but it is not a kiddy egg, it is a grown up egg, and not one to self indulge in (although I reckon i could), it is one to share. It is an eggstra (see what I did there?) special treat, and one that would bring a smile to the whole family.

So after reading this, I know your mouth must be watering!

Well, you are in luck as I have one of these most delicious eggs up for grabs, just for you.

All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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