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You can leave your hat on! Topsy Toesy review and Giveaway

January is upon us now and the heart of winter has set in. Making sure the children are all wrapped up snug and warm before venturing out is a must for me. This is mostly because as anyone with a little one knows, a snotty poorly child full of cold is not fun and hard work.

Having three children to get dressed and ready to go out can be a challenge, but my three are a nightmare! This is because they have an obsession with getting naked and will peel their clothes off at any given opportunity. I don’t know where they get this from, as I am definitely a layers girl.

So, after successfully getting one child coat and booted, and commencing on the second, the first has started the undressing ceremony. It becomes a vicious circle.

The one part that they love though is their hats! Yes in true ‘The full Monty’ style, you can leave your hat on!

This thanks to TOPSY TOESY, who are a hat and shoe retailer that provide a stylish range of desirable headwear and footwear for children from birth upward, for every occasion; from christenings, naming ceremonies, parties and weddings, through to every-day wear.


Topsy Toesy let me choose one hat for each of the kiddies. This was not as simple as it sounds, as there were so many fabulous hats to choose from.

In the end we opted for:

Willow – for Chilled out Boy

Hamish – for Noah

Alana – Little Madam

Topsy Toesy, Multiple Mummy, Hats

Noah, Little Madam and Chilled Out Boy

BBnow won’t go anywhere without his hat now, especially since he has discovered that Grandpa has one just like it.  It really suits him, fits brilliantly and he can put it on easily all by himself.

The Willow hat is fabulous (although I did have a small issue thinking it did not fit and then realized I was putting it on backwards!) and it covers it ears, so is perfect for those windy days we have been having when the children get aching ears. Don’t you find that wind makes kids go a little crazy?

Little Madam has the Alana, and I have to say it is my favourite. It is so stunning and such a treat for me to put something on her head that makes her look like a girl (with her lack of hair she is often mistaken for a boy!).

I have been impressed by the quality of all the hats and how reasonable they are in price and the service that I have received from the company has been phenomenal. When I said that Willow didn’t fit (before I realised my mistake) they instantly was happy for me to exchange the hat and find one more suitable with no quibbles why. When the hats arrived they were presented wrapped in tissue paper, in the loveliest box, tied with a purple ribbon. They would make a beautiful gift as well.

Topsy Toesy have kindly offered to run a competition and I opted for a voucher as a prize so that you can choose the hat that you feel will most suits your child rather than me pick one for you.

So up for grabs is a £20 Topsy Toesy voucher.

You can follow Topsy Toesy on Twitter and on Facebook

All you need to do is follow the instructions below to enter.

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