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You’re going on holiday with 6 weeks old twins? Eekk

Today I would love to welcome the lovely Michelle from Mummy from the heart! She is such a brilliant blogger and has been a valuable support to me not just with starting out with blogging but also by being a twin friend too! This is her account of taking her 6 week old twin girls and her little boy on holiday. Super mummy or what?  But she proves it can be done! Thank you for guest posting for me Mich. x

You’re going on holiday with 6 weeks old twins? Eekk

This was the response I heard a fair amount back in September 2007 just before our family holiday to Butlins with our new baby twins.  It might not have been ideal or what I would have picked to do but let me tell you, it was fantastic and actually with some good planning anyone can go on holiday with their young twins; you just have to be willing to go somewhere practical rather than exotic.

Going on Holiday with 6 week old twins, Multiple Mummy

Beautiful sleeping 6 week old twins!

In September 2006 when on holiday at Butlins we took advantage of the great deal while we were on site and booked for the following September for both my family and my parents, at the time we were only a family of 3 and had no idea I would fall pregnant, especially not with twins. Once we knew I was having twins people kept telling me to cancel the holiday and whilst I was fearful of how it might turn out, I was adamant that my boy would not miss out on his holiday and we would be fine.

On holiday with 6 week old twins, Multiple Mummy

The family together!

More than fine as it turns out, yes it was a lot of hard work but it was also completely what I needed, let me tell you about a few of the things that meant this holiday rocked –

  • We had 2 adjacent deluxe apartments at the Bognor Regis Butlins, these are 2 story holiday homes with a sitting room and kitchen.  This meant that JJ could sleep in Nanny & Grandad’s home and feel like he was the most important guy in the world.
  • It also meant that I could kick dh out of bed and he slept in the second bedroom, not because we did not want to be together but the practicalities of breastfeeding 2 babies meant that he could not help me and the room on the bed for me to feed the babe was very welcome.
  • Dh managed to get some good sleep in general, so one night he let me head off to my Mum & Dads home to share a bedroom with JJ and get a full and uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Bliss!  He stayed behind with 2 babes and some bottles of expressed milk.  Yes, they did completely wear him out, the next morning about 7.30am Dad could hear one of them crying and no signs of dh waking so he let himself in with the key and nicked her and gave her a bottle. I was surprised to come down and find one twinnie there!
  • Talking of milk, this was the holiday where we had to take Miss E to the doctors as we found she had oral thrush and also she was diagnosed with reflux, this explained why breastfeeding her was such a strain.  I made the highly emotional decision to stop breastfeeding Miss E and from this day she thrived and my babe that had lost loads of weight and was high maintenance turned into the little dream she is now.
  • This was also the holiday where Miss M slept her first 8 hour stretch, what a difference that makes hey?
  • One afternoon my parents took the girls so that JJ would have some Mummy and Daddy time, he was still not even 4 at this point, so really important for us to have some fun together in the pool.
  • The biggie for me was the evening that dh and I got to go out alone, we had a curry and went to the cinema, it was like being reborn.  You have probably realised by now that I have the best parents alive.

There was nothing expensive or particularly glamorous about this holiday, it was all about spending time with my beloved family in an environment that was not my home and thus I did not feel the need to clean up constantly.   Probably the best thing to come out of this holiday was taking home one baby who had started to sleep for longer stretches  and another who had been weaned onto formula milk which suited her far better and she was thriving.

Going on holiday with 6 week old twins, Multiple Mummy

JJ enjoying his holiday!

JJ started at nursery part time on the Monday we returned and this helped me get the girls into a fantastic and predictable routine, remembering how we coped on holiday with 2 small babes helped me get through a lot of tough times in that first year. I would urge you to face your fears because when you come out the other side you feel magnificent!

What about you, how was your first holiday away with your baby/ babies?


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4 comments to You’re going on holiday with 6 weeks old twins? Eekk

  • Ahh, all the sweet things you say about me, thank you Kerry. Mich x

  • Oh my God I just love this post and when we come back from Ireland in a few weeks Aaron will also be going straight into nursery also part time.
    Thanks for a great post.
    Liska xxx

  • Hi Hun, what a beautiful family you have? Hubby and I took our lil one on holiday this year. I was a lil scared about it all, especially because I was breastfeeding but it turned out to be the best holiday ever. I think going away with Amelia made a huge difference, and she was such a lil angel (and a local celebrity). I wrote a lil post about the holiday when I got home……..I was suffering from holiday blues and wanted to go back. xxx

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