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WOW Toys Review and Giveaway!

BBis completely into imaginative play and role play at the moment. Anything in which he can fill out a scene or play a part and he loves it, so when WOW toys asked if we would review Mario’s Pizzeria I knew it would be right up his street. Then upon releasing we had two-year old twins and not to see them left out, WOW also offered us Johnny’s Jungle Plane as well! What spoilt little kiddiwinks I have!

Wow Toys review and giveaway multiple mummy

Mario’s Pizzeria

I did not know what to expect when this arrived, but it was absolutely brilliant. It is an eight piece set that comes complete with a pizza oven, in which the pizza can go in to be baked. It has a pizza hut, where you can order your pizza’s and have them cooked and given to you complete with Mario’s service, and a pizza delivery trike, along with Marco (or Pedro as BBliked to call him) the delivery boy!

WOW toys review and giveaway

Even the back of the packaging you could use as staging if you wanted to.

BBeagerly unwrapped it, (with a little help as toys could not have more wires and bits keeping them in pace these days – it would be easier to rob the crown jewels!) and then Daddy was summoned to play. There they stayed for ages, ordering pepperoni and plain cheese pizza’s and cooking them so they ‘are nice and hot’ and taking them to the houses they should go too.

The pizza goes in the oven and you push it down to bake and you can put Mario on top of the chimney to spin, to choose the topping. It is really colourful, with a gorgeous authentic italian feel!

I felt this was a lovely toy that encouraged imaginative play not only with someone else to play with, but also on their own, and not only that is quite compact and easy to transport about, so makes it a perfect travel toy! We pack it up to take to granny and Grandpa’s all the time now.

Despite the smaller pieces and having younger children, there was nothing that I felt concerned about in terms of choking pieces, and as far as the quality of the toy, I was really impressed. It seems to have clearly been made for little people who at times don’t realise their strength, and is extremely sturdy and hard-wearing. The extra benefit to this toy is that it does not require batteries of nay sort to make it work, so it is an instant play with toy.

So whilst BBwas entertaining himself with his new pizzeria the twins got to grips with Johnny’s Jungle Plane.

Johnny’s Jungle Plane

Again another brilliant crafted toy, that is strong and study and can take a good throw down the stairs (like when my twins just don’t want to share and would just rather the other didn’t have it at all!) and still be in perfect form at the bottom.

Wow toys review and giveaway multiple mummy

It is colourful and comes complete with pilot Johnny and his pet tiger (everyone’s typical household pet) and has rotating propellers and a cargo hold with three secret compartments. It runs via friction power which again means no panic about the lack of batteries!

The twins have loved it and so has BB(when he can get his hands on it) and again it has been a lovely role laying toy often involving BBand the pizza being delivered by plane and a parachuting tiger! Well you see I told you it encouraged imagination.

Wow Toys review and giveaway multiple mummy


Wow Toys review and giveaway multiple mummy


Both toys can be bought from most toy retailers and department stores including Debenhams, John Lewis and online at Amazon.

Mario’s Pizzeria retails at around £16.99

Johnny’s Jumbo Plane retails at about £10.99

I will definitely be looking at wow toys in the future, especially with christmas coming up, and at their very reasonable prices, would make great gifts for birthday presents.

So WOW have kindly offered one Mario’s Pizzeria to one lucky reader!

All you have to do is the follow the instructions below!

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