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Twins, Triplets and More! Why twins are super special?

A day to celebrate the cleverness of the human body to create two little beings. Whether they are identical and your egg miraculously split, or non-identical and you fired out two little eggs that month and your hubby’s super sperm managed to fertilised them both, or that they were created through the brilliance of IVF and you have managed to grow two beautiful beings after a long wait and massive ordeal of hospital appointments and hormone treatment, twins are just a blessing and incredibly special!

Here are my top reasons why I find my two little twins super special!

A baby Each!

I still remember the in jest bickers after I had my first-born as to whose turn it was to hold the baby. My husband and I were so besotted that we both want to hold him all the time. So when the twins were born we were delighted to be able to get one each, and swap!

Two in a bed

It still melts me now that at even two and half I will often go up to check on the twins at night and find them in the same bed all cuddled up together but still top and tail, just how they were inside me. It makes the hair on my arms stand on end, and my heart thump that bit harder. I know there will be a point where we have to discourage this, but not yet!

Twin Celebrity

I love getting stopped and chatted to. I will never get upset that people want to compliment my children and marvel at their brilliance. As a biased Mummy of course I think they are great. With twins I am always late anyway, so have come to the conclusion that five more minutes will not make the slightest bit of difference if someone holds me up to say nice things about them.

Double presents

I am such a big kid so birthday’s for the twins are brilliant as I get to help them open double the quantity but of course for my birthday it is an automatic two presents and of course for Mother’s Day too! Bonus!

Twin Talk

The fact that they have an ability to communicate even without words. They know if each other is sad, they want to know where each other is all the time, and they have a wicked sense of humour and find the strangest things funny and we don’t have a clue what it is. They somehow seem to understand each other and it is amazing to witness!

The twin community

When you have twins you get the opportunity to meet a whole groups of Mums that just get it. It is not that having twins is necessarily harder, definitely more quantity but not necessarily more difficult but it is different and it is (like knowing other people with anything in common with you) nice to have that support of someone who understands.


My two have this innate sense of fairness and sharing. It is bizarre to watch. If I am in the kitchen and I give BB a biscuit and say ‘Shhh don’t tell the twins’ he thinks it is great to keep the secret. If I were to say that to one of the twins, there is no way one would have a biscuit without the other and they would demand it at the top of their voices until it is definitely no longer a secret!

Twin mischief

They plot, scheme and totally work out each others strengths to get what they want. It is pure teamwork and I feel like they could take on the world at times!

Twice the love

More cuddles, more kisses and more love! You can’t argue with that!


World twins day, Why twins are super special?

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19 comments to Twins, Triplets and More! Why twins are super special?

  • I remember when my own children were young they had twins as friends and what use to rile me was people would turn up at a birthday party with A present for “the twins”, not 2 separate presents, yet 2 of her other children shared the same birthday ( 4 years apart) yet people brought them separate as you would expect

  • I looked after my twin nephews when they were little and it was hard work but huge amounts of fun. I was always a little jealous of the connection they had. Even now they are 23 and living their own lives they still know if the other one is in need! They often shared a bed until they were 8 or 9 and would automatically drift together, as they still do.
    With 16 sets of twins in the family I almost feel left out that i didn’t get a set!
    Happy Twins day I hope the rain stops soon so you can enjoy some sunshine with your lovely babies!!

  • I absolutely love this post – it’s so nice to read a lovely list of the positives about having twins. I feel so privileged to be able to witness the relationship between my twins. My two aren’t close enough to want to snuggle up together in bed, but when they do something else that shows their bond, I feel the same way – it makes the hairs on my arms stand on end.

  • I’ve got 8 year old twins, one of each and can say we were blessed with these fab children…..I’d be lying if I said it was not hard work especially now as they have different interests and the fights can be a bit much sometimes but would i have it any other way…..No chance.

  • How cute are your twins. Would love twins although not sure I would cope! Struggling with a tantrumming toddler and baby on the way! Fabulous post x

  • Amy Hyde

    Kerry I read this after getting back from looking after the three of them for you! The fairness bit made me laugh out loud because I sneaked Little Madam a crisp earlier and told her not to tell the other two and she went and gave it to the other two! you have instilled fairness in to them obviously xxx

  • I love this post. It never bothers us either when people want to see the babies. Nice people who love babies and children are never a bother. I will share your post with our local twin’s club. Thank you for linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3. It is great to see you there. I hope you are able to come by each week. Have a wonderful week.

    Theresa : 0 )

  • So sweet! The fairness thing is funny, isn’t it? My triplet son (2 1/2) was at the hospital last week getting staples removed from a nasty spill (I know, poor thing, he’s fine) and the nurse gave him a sucker. The entire walk back to the car he kept saying, “Gabe, Sunny, sucker!” He was really worried we weren’t bringing one home for his siblings.

    • That is exactly the same as my two! I hope your little one is feeling better. The problem with multiples is it is often damage control isn’t it and with one than one the odds of injury are increased. I often find myself prioritising the injury that could occur in order to establish who to save first!

  • Your twins sound so lovely! I worry about mine sometimes as they spend a lot of time fighting and not being at all nice to each other. We get the odd day that they get on well and its so lovely to enjoy them that way! I just hope that its not me being a single mum that causes the fighting because its the attention that they crave?!
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a speedy recovery and I’m thinking about you lots. xxx

  • Multiples are a double blessing! Hope you will be up and about soon to enjoy your two again x

  • Rika

    I grew up as a twin.. sometimes it was frustrating but most times it was super wonderful.. I remember when I was a kid I wondered how people bear not to have a twin! it was most bizarre to me.. and I petied them.. now, my twin and I, though we stopped dressing the same when we hit the 11 years old mark.. we’re back to dress the same now (we’re 25) and it’s a great fun.. I like it when people do a double take and realize we’re twins..

    have fun with ur twins and be doubly happy that not only u gave birth to them.. but also gave them the greatest gift anyone can ever have.

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