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Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend Review – a must have toy!

I won the Tot’s 100 Blog Hop with World’s Apart back in May for my Outdoor Craft Adventures post. Winning this meant a great prize of  a family set of Peppa Pig world tickets, a Rock n Rolla Cow, a Mickey Mouse play tent and the opportunity to review Worlds Apart Toys.  The first being the Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend.

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend

When it arrived in its big box by the postman (I get very excited by post) I looked at and thought how fantastic,that is going to well cuddled, who am I going to choose to give it to? The intended choice on this occasion was Little Madam – although it suitable for both genders. Initially I took the assumption that it was a toy that could talk to your child, and indeed it can but oh, it is so much cleverer than that!

Firstly you can scheduled your child’s day with it. When to get up and dressed, when to eat, (it comes with a honey pot and spoon which makes meal time a great role play activity and a great incentive to get your little one to eat all their dinner) and the most beautiful sleep time routine including teeth cleaning and story time! You can put in your own time slots and it is so easy to program.

The only funny part to this bit is that if you are slightly off course with your day (which as parents we often are!) you have Winnie very kindly telling you that you should be having lunch when in fact you’re in the car racing home from somewhere!

Secondly you can play with him – hide and seek is done by squeezing his hand and then you hide him and he talks until you find him again. The children have loved this. I tried to video this but the children are all over the place, and the hide and seek rules are a little muddled – they keep wanting to hide him and so know where he is. Then they congratulate themselves with rounds of applause when they do. It is very funny but too long-winded to watch! So I give you the Worlds apart version!

Finally you can just have a little chat with him. He says over 50 different phrases and this is the part that Little Madam has love the most.

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

Chat chat chat!

Needless to say, poor little Madam has not been able to have him for herself. BBis quite partial to a snuggle at the bedtime and story time part…

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

Pj's on and waiting for the story to arrive!

and Chilled out Boy will steal him when no one is looking (preferably when distracted by the Disney channel!) The flaw in this plan is that Disney have just started putting Winnie the Pooh short stories on in the evenings and then it is a race for Winnie moment!

Winnie the pooh interactive friend review - a must have toy! multiple mummy

Will anyone notice I've got Winnie?

This toy is just fantastic in my opinion. It helps to structure some routine in a really fun way and encourages play and role play. It is the kind of toy they will snuggle up to for years. Retailing at £39.99 it is sold in Tesco, Argos and on Amazon, but I saw online that Tesco have a 3rd of at the moment making it about £26. A perfect present for your toddlers christmas list this year I think.

Worlds Apart have some fabulous toys and products in their range and they also have a Facebook page which they would love you to like! If you go, tell them I sent you!

Additionally they can be found on twitter and likewise let them know I recommended!


I was sent the Winnie the Pooh Interactive Friend for the purpose of this review. The opinions are my own.



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