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Wigwam Bam! An alternative Play House Review

Wigwam bam, gonna make you my man

Wam bam bam, gonna get ya if can

Any of you have a childhood holiday at Butlins with that song and all the actions? …Oh only me then!

Well on the Wigwam theme, we (as in the kiddies) got the fabulous chance to review the Wigwam Tent from Big Game Hunters. Some of you saw the picture of the kids playing in it a few weeks ago in Silent Sunday.

We have an ordinary playhouse which the children loved last summer, but they have not seen a Wigwam before and were very excited by the prospect of getting all dressed up to play in it.

Multiple Daddy thought it looked brilliant but groaned about having to assemble it, but we were surprised by how easy it was. It mainly consists of  12 short poles that connect together to make 6 long ones, the tent cover and the 6 wooden balls and string that ties the whole thing together. The only point I would say is that because there are some smaller parts (like wood balls) when you take it down you will need a pot to put the bits in so you don’t lose any!

Wigwam bam! A Review, Multiple Mummy

Due to the rubbish weather we have not been able to get the Wigwam out into the garden, but after the confinement to the house due to the rain, desperate measures meant putting it up indoors and it was a genius idea. The bickering stopped, the imaginative play began and harmony was restored.

The cover tent is a really thick material and has the authentic Native American Indian printing on it. When the tent structure is spread out the base is quite wide and easily fits three little ones in it. Add Multiple Mummy and it is a bit of a squeeze and not only that but it does get quite warm inside, especially when the children want the door shut all the time!

Wigwam bam! A Review, Multiple Mummy

Well Woody is a Cowboy so it sort of works!

I loved the fact that it can be used inside and out, which means that is one of those toys you can get out sporadically to rejuvenate play. It is suitable from age 1 and I can see mine still playing with this up to 8 or 9 so it is going to get a lot of use, and not only that the quality will make it last that long. It is H190cm x D140cm and has one door and is priced at £49.99.

We are now all looking forward to some summer sunshine (the weather tricked us last week with the one day of sunshine!) so that we can have it up in the garden and have some outdoor picnics and fun in our wigwam. It is just such a great alternative to your traditional play house.



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