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Why I love having a Facebook blog page!

I started my Facebook page one year ago this month. I had seen talk of other bloggers having one and promoting their pages on twitter and I thought it was just another thing to have as a blogger. I, like the willing blogger in the early stages set one up (I was at only three months at the time) and never really considered the significance and benefits from it until now.

Recently I have seen tweets from people asking if there is any point in having a Facebook blog page and additionally saying they rarely update their page.

My answer to this is yes, it is absolutely beneficial to have a Facebook page and it really does work if you take the time to interact with it and I shall tell you why:

Not all readers are twitter users

My ‘light bulb’ moment as to why Facebook is great for readers was realising that not all readers are twitter users, and in fact if I did not blog, I would probably not be a twitter user either. I certainly know that most of my friends do not use twitter, but all are Facebook users. So how do non-twitter readers get interaction? Well I suppose they can via comments on the blog, but as we all know the commenting process can be timely and you cannot get that back and forth discussion. It means someone has to come back to your blog to check if you have replied and I totally get that people just don’t have the time for this. Facebook is instant feedback like twitter is and it is quicker for me to acknowledge a comment on Facebook, even if that is just liking it.


If like me you have a personal Facebook page, you will probably check it at least once a day so you can catch up on the goings on of your friends that don’t tweet. As I am there, it takes no time to go to my blog page and add a status or comment. In fact, I now probably use my blog page more than my personal page. My posts get updated to it automatically courtesy of networked blogs so I never have to do that, so it is mainly status updates and photos! Additionally any status you write automatically goes to twitter so often I will write on FB first knowing it will be tweeted.


I love the fact that people can immediately react to something on FB when no words are required and just like a photo, or like a point of view.


You can see your FB page from your phone and ipad, or whatever other devises you use, so replying in chat form to a comment is easy and quick. I think readers love the fact they can get instant interaction and I know that I do when I Facebook. You can spark debate and gain instant thoughts and opinions.

Facebook following

This has grown quite rapidly over the year. Sometimes I run comps and get people to follow, but interesting I find that they stay on Facebook and again begin to interact. I have been a part of Ghostwriter Mummy’s Facebook Friday, but mostly I think people have found me. Again the following tends to be different from twitter so you reach different people.


I love a photograph. It give me immediate insight into someone’s world, but to get someone to look at a photo on twitter they have to be intrigued by the statement that comes with it. On Facebook the photo speaks for itself and get immediate reaction. To make life even easier you can set up instagram to you FB blog page and it will share it automatically. I love putting up picture.

Working with brands

It is a great way to follow brands and companies and for them to keep up to date with you easily, without necessity having to trawl the blog. It give people and instant insight, and is a great ‘front cover’ for your blog. Lots of brands and companies will follow and also comment, along with communities, for me this is a lot of twins communities. It is another great way to work together.

Sometimes 140 characters are not enough

Sometimes you have a little anecdote to share, or a bigger point to make, and it is not enough for a blog post but you want to share it. If you tweet it, you no it will cover three tweets which defeats the object of twitter use, so Facebook if perfect for those situation. Sometimes 140 characters are just not enough!

The Facebook community is very friendly

People chat, comments and like. They will share posts they like on their Facebook pages which all helps spread the word, and of course any post and status’ stay on longer and can be seen more easily as you don’t make as many status updates as you do tweets and any conversation that occurs, happens under that status so does not block your feed and what people see.

So these are my reasons why I love Facebook to enhance blogging, but what are your thoughts. Do you love it or loathe it? Can you think of any other advantages, as I will add them on?


why I love having a facebook blog page

Please do come and find me!

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22 comments to Why I love having a Facebook blog page!

  • hadnt thought about it from this point of view. Didnt know that FB sent updates to twitter. Did not know you could have two pages on FB – or is that just not allowed to enter comps with multiple accounts?

    May have to consider doing this soon, dont use FB much apart from interacting with Project 366 and bloggers anyway – its got far too crowded

  • I love my FB page, much prefer it to twitter. Like you my FB feds into my twitter account so i don’t have to.

    I like that its much more interactive and user friendly like you say :)

  • I don’t have twitter and I never will, just can’t see the point :) I too am starting to use my blog FB page more than my personal page! I love all your points here…some I hadn’t even considered. Shared to FB (of course)! Great to see you over on KBN too!

  • I have been thinking about setting up an FB page for my blog for a long time, but had never thought about all of these benfits to doing it before. So I am definitely going to set one up this weekend, thanks to reading this post. I will make sure I find your page when I do! x

  • I agree, it’s much easier to keep up on Facebook – with twitter you miss something if you’re not there at the time of the tweet & it can be very time consuming keeping up. Saying that I don’t use my FB page much though but I do try & keep up on blogs from my personal page.

  • Yay for fb, and this post! Haha, I’m another of those, not on twitter types! I have enough social media going on for this lil blogger to handle for a while I think, lol. I agree though, the photos and communications, the likes, etc, are all fabulous parts of having a fb page linked to your blog :)

  • I prefer Facebook to Twitter and like you say I wouldn’t use Twitter if I hadn’t started blogging recently. x

  • I prefer facebook to twitter too. Never know what to post on twitter

  • totally agree. I am just trying to keep up with everything, my blog, twitter, FB, Google+, Britmums, Netmums, Mumsnet, loveallblogs, Networked Blogs, other people’s blogs… #headache! lol! but FB is easy. x

  • Wow I feel really dumb now! I have my personal FB but had no idea about setting up a page. I don’t have Twitter either coz I don’t really know how to use it. Do you find that having Twitter and a FB blog page increases the traffic to your blog? I’ve only been blogging two weeks so I’m still learning. I’m chuffed to be hitting several different countries with my readers but I havent really a clue what I’m doing! lol. Perhaps i should change my name to such-an-amateur! I could learn a lot from you! x

  • Amy

    Fab post. I have recently set up a Facebook Page. I found it all a bit confusing (I didn’t realise you couldn’t have two accounts and managed to get myself blocked out!) but now I have got the hang of it I think its great. I love the fact that you can link directly to your blog and others of interest.

    I totally agree that a lot of people are not twitter users and it is a good way to get yourself out there.

  • I’m in a bit of a blog overhaul at the moment. I’m taking the opportunity of recently going self-hosted to give my blog FB page some tlc too. I totally agree with all the reasons for having a FB page. Lots of my readers don’t blog or use Twitter and I know much of that traffic comes from FB.

  • I find my facebook page and twitter work quite separately. Facebook for me has many of our guests following our farm news while twitter is more random and personal, where I have a bit of fun. I love both but use them differently. Thank Kerry, great post idea

  • And does it keep your personal separate? Like my real name is on my facebook and I don’t want that connected with my blog?

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