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What’s in your handbag?

They say that what is in girls handbags can reveal a lot about her. This does not wholly convince me but what I do know is the content of my bag has changed over the years.

Pre-children I used to have all the typical girly things in my bag. A hairbrush, little deodorant, make-up, girl’s supplies (for those sneak up on you emergencies), purse, key, mobile, notepad, diary, pen, umbrella, and a book…usually one I was devouring on my commute to work.

Not only that but I was a lover of handbags. I loved matching bags to outfits and making it part of my whole ensemble.

What's in your handbag? Multiple Mummy

What my handbag used to look like!

I could also make all that I needed squeeze into the tiniest of bags on a night out.

Today this is what my handbag contains.

A toy car, some chocolate coins, baby wipes, spare pants (the kids, not mine!), my purse, keys, mobile, nappies, receipts, a pen, a diddy hairbrush and some lip balm!

Now what does this tell you?

  1. I have no time to reapply any make up during the course of the day!
  2. Potty training is still clearly in process and toilet stops are not for me to ‘freshen up!” but for wee wee stops and wet pant changes!
  3. No book! My love of reading has diminished along with my time.
  4. Deodorant – well clearly I must just smell. That or it reflects my lack of proper exercise (although I do walk to the pre-school and back twice a day!)
  5. No umbrella – you can’t push a double buggy, hold the hand of a 3-year-old and an umbrella. We just get wet!
  6. Diary? That would mean a social life surely?
  7. Chocolate coins – bribery and Mummy sanity!

My handbag now has to be fairly ample in size, gets kicked about and thrown under the buggy and totally used and abused. I don’t have the time, or even one in good enough condition to bother changing it over to match my outfit (of Jeans and a top). Is this painting a glamorous picture of motherhood?

However just because handbags for me are not a priority these days, does not mean they are not loved, admired and looked at with envy any time I am in a department store. I will still get my few handbags out and spend ages choosing which one to take on the rare occasions I go out. Sometimes a whole outfit can be chosen around which handbag I am in love with.


Just for points of note…it is my 30th birthday this year…. if you need ideas!


Photo courtesy of: Owen Vaughn
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