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What’s in the Fridge? GALT game review and Giveaway!

I am starting to get a little nervous as there are now only 11 weeks until the summer holidays and then my little boy who is not even fours years old yet starts school! I am certain he will be fine and love every minute of it, but I have been worrying about all the things he should and should not be doing. my mind was put at ease by Dear beautiful Boy, who is a primary school teacher by trade, who informed me the most important things are the social skills, not the worrying about letter, numbers and reading as that is what they are there for!

So we were given this brilliant game called ‘What’s in the Fridge’ from GALT toys to review. It is the first ‘proper’ game with rules that BBand I have played, but he grasped the concept with ease.

What's in the Fridge? Galt game review and giveaway, Multiple Mummy

The idea being that you each have a ‘recipe’ board and the aim is to find the ingredients from the fridge to make your recipe. All the ingredients are turned over in the fridge so you can’t see and you take turns to turn three over and see if any match your board. If they do you can take them. If however on your go, you get a mouldy food card, you cannot take any that fit your board.

The game is so simple, but BBloved it.

It encouraged:

  • turn taking
  • winning/losing concept (we are still getting to grips with this! We have had tears if Mummy wins first!)
  • increased vocabulary – Naming all the ingredients and identifying them on the board
  • Dexterity – turning over the little cards
  • Memory skills – remember where other cards you want are on the board when other team member turn them over
  • Counting – counting to three cards
What's in the Fridge? Galt game review and giveaway

The board and pieces!


What's in the Fridge? Galt game review and giveaway, Multiple Mummy

My turn!

Whats in My fridge, Multiple Mummy


What I loved more about it, was the twins (who are two and a half) were interested in playing. They too grasp the concept, whilst sitting on our laps, turn taking and turning three over, and we just differentiated the game, by taking away the mouldy card rule, as it was just one to many rules for them to understand. However it was great that you could do that. It also allows for four players, so will be great as the kids get older and fine now whilst Mummy and Daddy still need to supervise!

The game is suitable for ages 3 – 7 but i would say they would need to be at least five to be able to play independently, however it is great for family time. It has made me realise we need to investigate more ‘toddler/pre-school’ games that we can do as a family, as BBis definitely at that point where he want to use imagination and have rules and guidelines to a game.

We have been very impressed with this game and think it will bring us hours of fun over the next few years. Priced at only £6.99 I think this is a complete bargain!

So I have two of these brilliant games to give away to my readers!

All you have to do is follow the rafflecoptor instructions below!

Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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