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We made a ‘Magic’ personalised named Tote Bags!

This weekend BBand set to work on making him his very own names ‘magic bag’ to put all his secret and magic thing in.

Noah’s latest phase is to collect up random things from the toy room or around the house and my handbag and put them in boxes, bags or any kind or hiding place he can. It is slightly annoying as he will only want the jitterbugs from the game, mixed with the puzzle pieces of the Gruffalo, some plastic food and a few trains along with my favourite lipgloss and Daddy’s change from his pocket!

It takes a lot of effort to sort it all out and to find which special place he has put it, so with his ‘magic bag’ for his ‘magic things’ at least we will know where they are!

So this is a simple How to decorate a tote bag.

You will need:

  • A fabric Tote bag – these are given out at so many events these days – baby shows, children’s centres etc and so are fairly easy to get hold of.
  • Coloured felt or foam fabric
  • Glue
  • Decorating bits – we had feathers and pom pom balls
We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

What you need!

1. Cut out the letters that are going onto your tote bag using the felt material – BBwanted ‘Noah’s Magic Bag’ on his.

We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

Position your letters where you want them!

2. Using PVA glue stick you letters down onto the bag – it may be an idea to put some newspaper inside the bag, in case the glue seeps through as you don’t want the bag to stick together. It is a great way to explore spelling his name and getting familiar with the letters of his name. For some strange reason the only letter he can never remember is ‘n’!

We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

Have some fun with gluing!

3. Decoration time – place where you want you decoration bits and bobs and glue these down! BBopted for feathers and pom poms.

We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

Decorate with your favourite bits and pieces

4. Leave to dry.

You now have a bag that can be used for all sorts of things. It also may be a great way to recycle for storage, so for example you could have a Princess dress up bag, or a Fireman dress up bag, a bag of cars etc and then you could hang them all on hooks!

We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

The finished tote bag!


We made a Magic Tote Bag, Multiple Mummy

A little shy but loving his new bag!

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