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Water – Ten top Swim tips for under 3’s!

Last week was the first time the twins had been introduced to water. Not as in they have never had a bath (obviously I do clean my children and allow them to quench their thirst from time to time so they do know what water is), but I mean in terms of swimming on our Center Parcs holiday. The twins will be 2 in September and up until this point had not even dunked a toes in a pool.

BB on the other hand went to swimming classes with me as a baby until he was 9 months old, then I returned to work, was already pregnant with the twins, got ridiculously sick and swimming just went out the window.

Then the realism of three under three came into play.

Most swimming pools do not let you in if you have more than one under 5. They like you to have an adult per child. So even with my husband available we have not been able to go.

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

The first family moment together in the pool!

Even with enough pairs of arms organisation is key! We learned a lot.

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

Little Madam proving she is a natural water baby!

So here are my swim tips (that will probably assist if you have one or 500 kiddies!) for under 3’s.

1. Take them already in their swim stuff!

The less layers you have to take off when you get there the better. Ensure you already have your costume on (otherwise you may forget it like my SIL did – bless she rolled her trousers up and went in the kiddy pool anyway!) but don’t forget to pack your pants to put on for after swimming other wise it might be a bit chilly on the way out!

2. Ensure you take some extra swim nappies just incase!

3. Consider the all in one towels that include sleeves and hood

I found that stripping off the swim nappy and costume, putting this on, and then a new nappy meant they could go home like that! Warm and snuggly and no fuss with dressing – you can do that at home without stress!

4. Try to find a big family changing room

You can all go into this together and this then means you are not worrying too much about where one has gone to while you are getting another one dried and dressed.

5. Watch the locks

For some reason they know how to open the door at your most naked moment! *blush*

6. A coin!

Have a pound coin out and ready for lockers!

7. Armbands

Take arms bands in if your swimming centre does not provide – if you can have these already blown up then this help greatly! If not, blow them up in your changing room or you will have kids running in all directions with no aids on!


Time it well – not just before a nap, as they tired and niggly and get cold quicker and not straight after food otherwise risk of cramps. Bonus is they will be exhausted and sleep well after regardless of whether they have had a nap!

9. Adult to child ratio!

Issue children out to each adult – get in the pool and have fun!

10. Underwater/waterproof camera!

If on holiday treat yourself to an underwater camera – it’s the only time your allowed to take pictures in a pool, must local ones forbid it so treasure the memories!

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

BBbraves the water!

The outcome was just my favourite part of the holiday – no tears and three kiddies that have the potential to be real water babies! They wanted to go everyday. I am only sad that we can’t go more often now we are home.

Water - Swim tips for under 3's

Multiple Mummy multi tasking for a short while!

As for the photo’s can you please take in account that I have no makeup on and that my hair has gone frizzy from the humidity! Yes it is not a pretty site, which is why I usually wear make up – but a mascara smudged version would not be any better on this occasion!

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