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Viennese Fingers

Viennese Fingers are one of my biscuit weaknesses and always remind me of ‘posh’ biscuits you get when having people you want to impress round. I had never though about making them before, but I had a Viennese craving this weekend and no hubby to mind the kids whilst I popped out, so decided to make some.

The recipes I looked at all looked quite complex for me. I am all for throwing things in an hoping for the best, so decided I would do just this to see if they worked, otherwise I would not make them again.

I have to say I was impressed with the taste of the biscuit. It really worked.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

So for these yummy Viennese Fingers treats you will need

175g of self-raising flour

175 of soft margarine

50g Castor Sugar

2 drop of Vanilla Extract

120g melted chocolate

A piping bag with a fat nozzle

1. Prepare two baking sheets with lined grease proof paper

2. Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees (Gas mark 3)

3. Measure out your chocolate and break up into a separate bowl ready to melt later.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

4. Weigh out you other ingredients. Add to a big bowl.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

5. Whisk together with an electric whisk. At first it will look like it is turning to breadcrumbs but persist and it will come together into a creamy consistency.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

6. Place into a piping bag and put on a fat nozzle. Make you Viennese shapes – they could be whirls or fingers, or I did a snake-like pattern onto your baking sheets. I do find using piping bags quite hard but it was worth it. Remember to leave space between them as they do spread out.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

7. Cook for 15 mins (depending on your oven check at 10!) Whilst waiting clean up!

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

8. Place on a cooling rack with a slicer.

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy

(Note: Leave them to cool well – I was impatient and attempted to chocolate mine too soon and they are very soft and crumbled. It is always me that learns the hard way but they do harden once cooled)

9. Melt your chocolate.

10 Once cooled dip each end into your chocolate and place back on your rack to set!

Viennese Fingers, Multiple Mummy




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