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Valentines Heart Biscuits

I was explaining to BBwhat Valentines Day was, saying it was a day to show somebody you love them.

He said ‘But Mummy, I love you everyday!’ Ahhh bless him *heart melts*

I asked him what shape showed love and he did not know, so I explained him it was the heart. Suddenly everything was about hearts, so when I suggested cooking (because I wanted to test out my food processor that I got for Christmas) and we agreed on biscuits, they of course had to be heart-shaped for Daddy!

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

My new Christmas Present!

Well not adverse to a bit of pinkage we began our heart-shaped biscuit mission!

You will need!

100g of Unsalted Butter

100g caster sugar

275g of plain Flour

2 drops of vanilla essence

1 egg

The brilliant thing about a food processor is that you can whack it all in together and blitz, job done, but if you are doing it by hand you need to beat the butter until soft and mix with the sugar. Beat the egg in a separate bowl and add to the mix. Beat again and add the flour and two drop of vanilla essence.

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

Whiz it together and it is done

You will then need to pull it together as a dough!

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

Stick it together as a dough!

Roll it out

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

Roll it out!

Cut out your shapes

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

Cut out your shapes!

Place on a baking tray and cook in an oven on Gas mark 5 (190) for 10 minutes.

Once cool you can have fun with the decorating. We made up pink icing with icing sugar and water and added a drop of red food dye to it. We then got lots of pink sprinkle things to decorate with. BBloved this bit, but kept on getting the lid in the icing! We also had one sprinkle tip incident – thanks goodness for a Hoover!

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy

Sprinkle Sprinkle Sprinkle!

But here are our creations!

Valentines heart biscuits, Multiple Mummy,

Pretty and Pink!

Daddy was very pleased!

Linked up here! 

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