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Use your imagination with Little Charley Bear

I was first introduced to Charley Bear when my Mum got bought a soft toy one for her birthday! We all thought he was so cute. I then discovered that little Charley Bear is in fact a character from the Children’s TV show Little Charley Bear.

Use your imagination with Little Charley Bear

We were then asked by Hit entertainment whether we would consider reviewing the new Charley Bear DVD ‘Ready, Teddy, go!” and we said yes of course.

Use your imagination with little charley bear Multiple Mummy

We put it on and the intro music is very catching with a lovely little song. It has all three interested and the twins (who are 2) have not really been that into the TV at all.

The DVD itself feature seven stories and takes little ones on the imagination adventures of  Charley as he sets off in his rocket on a journey to the moon where he meets a friendly alien who wants to play moon ball. In another story, Charley becomes a detective and another a  race car driver where he races a wind up car with a key. It is so cute.

I really try to encourage imaginative play and I love that this is what Charley Bear episodes are based upon. About getting lost in your own little world and bringing things to life. Narrating Charley’s stories (as Charley does not talk) is the familiar voice of James Corden. Miles away from his role in Gavin and Stacey but I suppose being a new Dad makes you take on new challenges!

Charley Bear DVD is available in the shops now and is priced at £12.99.

We really enjoyed Charley Bear and think he will be making regular viewing from now on!

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