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Unleash your yummy mummy – Make up on the go!

I have decided to include a Yummy Mummy review section to my blog. We all want to know about parenting and our kids, but what about us? The days of fashion, and pretty things should not be left behind because we are now carting around nappies and formula milk!
This page is going to be full of posts that help to reveal you inner Yummy Mummy, from reviews of makeup, fashion, jewellery and accessories and SHOES, to tips, ideas and anything else I just love!

So let go, and unleash your inner Yummy Mummy!

Essential make up kit on the go!
I have to say that make has had to take a back burner since having babies, the product makes I buy have had to change and the time I can spend on my make-up has had to adapt. However I still won’t go out the house without a little something on!
But we can’t all have armfuls of make up these days in our handbags, it tend to be swapped for nappies and wipes (although these are a handy item all on their own) and so I have complied an essential make up kit that can do almost everything you need when out on the move or hidden in the car for those emergency moments (like your child running out the school gates saying the teacher wants to see you!), but taking up little space.
Having an all over bronzer  in the car will help smooth and top up any foundation you may have put on at 5.00am that morning! Additionally stops the washed out look and makes you look glowing and healthy.
Include a spot stick or concealer, for those times of month moments when attacked by the largest most pubescent spots of all time! Plus if like me, pregnancy has shot your skin to bits with all those hormones, becomes an essential item, to take away
Lips and cheeks!
Lip and cheek tint – I have found that collection 2000, Body shop and the lovely benefit all do a tint (they just range in price!). This adds an instant flush to your cheeks and lips in a very natural not blusher way and stops you looking washed out. Plus it does both bits! Then just sparkle with a bit of clear lipgloss
You will always have baby wipes on you to wipe away the panda eyes that so often happen to me and you look as if you are either really tired (which you probably are but this doesn’t help!) or that you have been punched in the face! So it is just a matter of tarting up – smooth over your eye with a tiny bit of bronzer to add a slight shimmer and then lashings of mascara girl!  
So that’s it five items!
  • Tint
  • Gloss
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Wipes (but these don’t actually count!)
Hope you like x
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2 comments to Unleash your yummy mummy – Make up on the go!

  • Polythene Pram

    Oh I wish I could unleash the inner yummy Mummy but I'm so much more a scummy Mummy! Loved the post though as I still do love my make-up and your blog is great.
    Perhaps you can take a peek at mine some time?

  • multiplemummy

    I will most cetainly come and look! I don't think you are a scummy mummy at all – it is just that we always come secon now and don't have the same time for ourselves! But you must make some time – give yourself a confidence boost! x

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