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Ultrasun Suncream Review and Giveaway!

My husband and I are a little paranoid when it comes to the sun. Both of us are covered in moles and when we found out I was expecting we used to joke that I would give birth to one big mole! I also (despite being dark eyed and dark haired) have very pale skin and just burn. There is very little point in me attempting a tan, because I go red, burn and peel. Protecting my skin is priority because I am sure we can all remember a time of burned backs of the legs, tops of the shoulder or your nose and its not fun or pretty!

My children, except chilled out boy have inherited my paleness. Gone are the days when babies were kept out in the pram all day baking away and getting browner by the second. Gone are the days of basting ourselves in baby oil and cooking fat! We know too much now. Skin cancer cases are still on the rise according to cancer research UK with up to 10,000 people a year developing malignant melanoma.

 am not prepared to take that risk with my children. Sun protection is vital.

So when I was asked to try out Ultrasun Ultra protection sun creams and aftersun I could not refuse.

The idea behind Ultrasun is that it is for the whole family, babies (even from birth), toddlers kids and adults and that it gives you protection in one application. I was given the factor 30SPF (100ml), factor 50SPF (100ml) and the aftersun (150ml) to try out.

All of the products are free from perfume, emulsifiers (which normally allow oil and water to mix) and preservatives so reduces the risk of allergy and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin. Chilled out boy has eczema so I was a little concerned when using sun cream, or in fact any cream before, but this has not aggravated the condition.

All of them come in airless pump dispensers making the application easy and controlled. You don’t end up with endless amounts of cream that you are trying to smear in and lots of waste.

The creams themselves do not have any odour at all, and are quite thin so smooth in easily. They do not leave a residue or feel sticky and are not greasy at all. My little ones have run straight out to the sand pit after application and have not come in caked in sand, so I see that as a positive.

The factor I love most about the sun creams is that only one application a day is needed and they will still offer protection after showering, towel drying and swimming and sweating.This is because they are technologically advanced,  as ultrasun bonds to the skin cells to create a water-resistant barrier. What is nice about this, is of you are like me and apply suncream almost irrespective of weather, you know they are safer if the sun creeps out and you have not taken any with you.  I used the SPF 30 mainly with my husband, but I tended to coat the kids in the SPF 50 before we went anywhere, in the comfort of knowing they were protected.

The aftersun is very luxurious, it is like a serum but for your body. I found myself selfishly using it as a moisturiser! It is very cooling and again is not sticky after use. As none of us were burned or had over exposed ourselves it was not used as an aftersun but more as a skincare product but I imagine it would be a fabulous rescue remedy for burns, especially if you have a teenager out and about who may not take the same amount of care yet.

The products can be bought in Waitrose and John Lewis and I was out In Bury St Edmund’s this week and saw them in Jo Jo Mama Bebe. The SPF 30 is priced at £18 for 100ml bottle and £24 for the 150ml bottle. The SPF 50 is only available in 100ml at £19 and the aftersun in 150ml at £16.

I have been using the SPF 30 for the last two week with my husband and there is still some left, and all three babies have been using the SPF 50 and again we have not run out. Ultra sun claim that one 150ml bottle should last an adult 2 weeks and a child 4 weeks. I may have been applying it stingingly but I felt I was using an appropriate amount. Now if I had been in the supermarket I may have been put off by the price, however I think that other suncreams despite being cheaper didn’t give me the same confidence of protection as Ultrasun did. It is also important to consider that other creams may not last as long because you are often applying them more times in one day.

I would definitely purchase these suncreams again (when I run out). I think cost is a small price to pay in the terms of your families health and well being.

Now I have been given the fantastic opportunity to give you the chance to win one of FIVE sets of the Ultrasun products that I have tested. How amazing is that?

All you have to do to win is complete one or all of the following actions below and leave me a comment for each action. Each action gains one entry.

1. Follow Ultasun facebook page and tell them Multiple Mummy sent you.
2. Follow Ultrasun twitter page
3. Tweet ‘I want to win one of five sets of @Ultrasunuk suncare on @MultipleMummy blog ‘
4. Finally if you love what you see on my blog subscribe via e-mail over on right hand side!

Good Luck!

Closing date is Sunday June 19th at 12noon 2011. The winner will be drawn by random via I will then contact you if you are the lucky winner. Don’t forget to leave me a means to contact you. If you don’t comment entries won’t be counted.

If you don’t reply with your address within 5 days another winner will be selected at random. Entry is only open to those with a UK delivery address. The above actions entitle you up to a maximum of four entries. Multiple Mummies’ decision is final. No cash alternative x
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