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Twin Talk

The twins have reached two years and five months. This is the age when you start to expect some conversation, not full on twin talk, but at least words and maybe the odd sentence. We do not have an issue with noise from them at all, they can certainly be vocal but as for words, the twins are still very unclear and limited on vocabulary.

However, they seem to have brilliant understanding, can follow instructions and not simple ones at the that, for example the other day, my husband joked and said ‘Oh, someone go and get my red jumper at the side of the bed’, and Chilled out Boy went up and brought it down, to our complete shock! They also know all the crucial words like ‘Mine’, ‘No’, ‘Milkshake’, and ‘Chocolate’. I am not sure what this says about my parenting!

BB(who is three years old now) was also slower on the talking front. At the time I was really worried and feared we may have to see a speech and language therapist. It was suggested that I talk too fast and say too much and to be fair I probably do. I tried to simplify how I talk, but I am a wordy person. Additionally you cannot help but compare to other children of the same age and other children seemed to be steaming ahead!

Interestingly enough, Noah, who used to refuse to speak when asked and would not repeat words, especially if he felt he was being tested, suddenly just started talking. There was no new one word or three new word situations, it was suddenly just sentences. Now you would never know he was delayed and his vocabulary is huge! As his mother I feel like I know my son and have already realised he is a bit of a perfectionist. Unless he was convinced it was going to come out perfectly he was not going to say it, and that element is reflected throughout lots of his behaviour and the things he does. He hates the feeling of getting it wrong.

As for the ‘twins talk’, they wake up in the morning calling each other’s names, and then we hear giggles and chatter amongst them like they are having full on conversation, but it makes little sense to us. Strangely though, BBunderstands them and will often translate for us.  I didn’t think that non-identical twins could develop their own language but is this possible? They will repeat words to me and are not shy to try to say new words when asked and so with the twins I don’t know whether it is laziness that stops them from talking, and whether because their limited vocabulary meets their needs and anything that is not clear, BBcan ask for, they do not have to talk, or that they are genuinely struggling with vocabulary but I am just at the point of beginning to worry again.

Admittedly they started pre-school this month and we have noticed some improvement, the words, ‘toast, Marmite and share have been added to their list along with ‘coat, shoes and jeans!’ It also has not appeared to impact on other elements like potty training, where normally it is suggested that they have some good vocabulary before you start, but both are potty trained, way before BBever was!

So what do I do about the twins talk? Do I just let them continue to banter away, do I wait until two and half and maybe contact the health visitor. Or do I just not worry, sit back and wait. It will come when they are ready? Thoughts are gratefully received?


Twin Talk, Multiple Mummy

No need for words!



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18 comments to Twin Talk

  • when my girls were young we were great friends with a family that had non identical twin girls, and they talked “twin talk” amongst themselves and my girls and her older daughter understood the twins perfectly.
    She found that when they started playgroup that after a month or so they did talk normally at playgroup and then outside the home and reserved the twin talk for their house and ours.
    They were like yours, understood everything that was said to them but seemed to prefer their own language when in an environment they were secure and comfortable in, but capable of proper talk when needed.
    I know she had thought about putting them into 2 different classes so they did not have each other, but decided against it to see how they got on, and they got on fine.
    Time they started school at 5 then the twin talk seemed to have disappeared naturally.
    My advise – dont worry.

  • I think this is a common thing with twins. It’s not that they develop their own language but that they reflect each others immature speech patterns. Yours also have noah to copy and if hes anything like my daughter he will still have a few words or sounds which arent clear, hers are y and th. It’s also so much harder to give them the individual talk they need.
    Don’t worry or blame yourself, they will catch up, as you say nursery helps. I’m not an expert with speech. This is what I do, im sure you probably do the same without realising. I try to repeat what they say as clearly as possible, rather than correct them. Try to say their name before I talk to them so they know to listen. Then expend what they say into a sentence. So if Rose says do for dog I say, “dog, yes Rose dog, it’s a dog. It’s a big dog.” You feel like a bit of an idiot to begin with but after a while it becomes second nature. I’m going to find it hard to stop once they are older.

    Anyway matey, like everything it’s just harder with twins. Fitting in time to talk to each one is just impossible some days. I think stories help too. They will be fine. As you say they have the understanding.

  • Rebecca

    My non id twin boys didn’t really start communicating with the wider world until they were 3! I had called in the health visitor to ask about speech therapy when they were nearly 3 but decided that I would just a little while longer…they are now 4 & do not speak as clearly or confidently as their older siblings had at the same age. They definitely did the ‘twin talk’ thing & to be honest, with two older siblings & a knackered mum – they didn’t need to speak to others that often! Big sister would talk for them & whilst, with the older two, I would make them ask for whatever they wanted, with these little two people, if the older two wanted a drink, I would just make four drinks (lazy parenting my mother called it – & whilst she had 7 children, not a set of twins!!!). I think as long as they understand language, they will eventually start to use it & of course, they learned the naughty word ‘bugger’ with confidence & if I’m not mistaken, some joy!

    • Of course they learned the word bugger! It is like they have a radar for the naughty words and seem to learn those with no issues! he he! I am guilty of doing the same as you with things like the drinks. It is sometimes about making life easy for yourself, but then with that is always a consequence. It reassures me to not worry until nearly three. We have a little way to go then. Thank you for commenting, I love to read them. x

      • this can be said for all aspects of having split age children, my 2 daughter are 5 and 6.5 yrs older than son, and he soon learnt if he sat on the middle of the floor and screamed and pointed that his sisters would run and attend to his every whim and give him everything he wanted despite me punishing them at times for doing so, he didnt need to learn to walk and talk!!

  • I don’t have twins, but did have some worries as my daughter also seemed late talking. Now, at 2 yrs, 9 m she seems a lot better, although she still can be a bit incomprehensible. She mixes up a lot of the letters, and mumbles. I blame the fact that she is bilingual, my son was also talking a bit later than expected. Now he is fluent in two languages, and my little girl seems to be going the same way! I’d wait a bit longer if I were you.

  • Don’t worry! My son didn’t talk when he was 3 years old. They had to all number of specialist and they couldn’t get him to talk. He had just started speaking when he started school at 4 years old. He is 5 now and we can’t shut him up. Boys especially will talk when they want or need to and not until they decide

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