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Twin Birth – My Labour Story!

A lovely lady who writes a fabulous blog at ButtonPatchHome gave birth to gorgeous boy and girl twin’s last week! This lady read my blog and got in contact, because as you can imagine anything more than one at a time is a little daunting so we tend to stick together in a kind of support network.

The thought of baby twins again made me feel all bubbly inside and I have not felt broody for a long time but OH MY GOD! The feeling is overwhelming! Thank goodness for contraception that requires a doctor to remove it, or else I could get silly! *Slaps wrist! *

So I think I am going to dedicate this post to when I had the twins!

They were due October 14th but actually came four weeks early! They attempted to come out two weeks before that but the hospital put me on this ‘delightful’ drip to stop it and this enabled them to give me steroid injections so that they could help their little lungs develop encase they did pop out! Luckily they stayed put, but it was horrible two weeks, constantly being in and out of hospital for various things.

I was so fed up, that the day after my baby shower my Mother in law and Sister in Law took me shopping with Noah. I pushed him round all day and felt really quite uncomfortable but I thought I couldn’t possibly complain again so kept quiet.

Later that night I said I felt ill to my husband and went to bed. At half past midnight, my waters broke. My husband told me ring the hospital but I had no contractions and thought, BBwas a 14-hour labour so I have ages. He made me ring and he was right too, they told me to come in straight away.

We packed up BBand my stuff with the plan to take him to my Mum’s half and hour away and then onto the hospital, another half hour. The contractions were coming thick and fast and I realised I was not going to make this, so we dropped him closer to my brother and sister in Law’s.

By the time we got to the hospital they were coming every two minutes and lasting a minute. It felt like ages to get up the hospital corridor whilst hubby parked the car, stopping every time a contraction came.

They wanted to attach the trace and monitor and keep me on the bed, but I was into too much pain. They said, because I was pre 37 weeks I had to wait for the consultant to look at me and she was busy. Grrrooowlllll!!!

When my husband walked in, I said ‘I really need to push!’

This very patronising midwife, who I could have punched in the face, said ‘Oh no, dear, it’s only been 40minutes since you rang. You have ages to go yet!’

I felt like such a wimp. What was the matter with me? I had done 10 hours with BBbefore any pain relief! The consultant walked in, two minutes later and took one look, said she saw a head and it was all go go go!!!

Seeeeeee!! Told you!!

Why don’t they believe the Mother?

One hour later and a second batch of waters that we had completely forgot about (Hubby said, he had wondered why after Little Madam they had put on what looked like splash gear! He quickly found out! ) I had two beautiful babies.

The chilled out boy, was his typical chilled out self and did not turn so he ended up coming out feet first, but apart from that it was all good. A very quick 1 hour and 40 minute but intense labour.

The babies weighed 5lb 3oz and 5lb 14.5 oz., which are really good weights for twins. They were checked out to be healthy and came straight up to the ward with me. They were put together in the same cot and they looked gorgeous. I was still in shock, but in a blissful daze.

Twins, Minutes Old, Labour Story, Multiple Mummy

The twins only minutes old!

When I think about having another, I worry that I will feel shorted if its not twins again. My husband and I will have to share!

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10 comments to Twin Birth – My Labour Story!

  • Elle and Belle

    Ah, the twins are gorgeous! I'm not allowed to feel broody though, I already have 6. I know how you feel about patronising midwives, when I went into hospital to have Belle, my 6th, I knew very well how close I was to pushing, but she told me I had to wait for pain relief; I couldn't possibly be ready as I'd only just arrived!

  • TheBoyandMe

    A fantastic tale, so pleased it was a relatively straightforward birth.

  • multiplemummy

    Elle and Belle,

    Six…six!!!! Wow wee! What age range does that cover? They do say that labour gets quicker with every pregnancy and I am not sure if this is true, but I am not at all surprised your sixth was quick!

    The boy and me,

    Thank you, I was very lucky!

  • Helen

    Ahh they are so cute, can't believe you are so broody with your hands so full!!
    Midwives should know that when a woman says she needs to push she really does need to push! My labours have got quicker with each so next time (???) I really think you should camp out at the maternity ward!

  • Helen

    Ahh they are so cute, can't believe you are so broody with your hands so full!!
    Midwives should know that when a woman says she needs to push she really does need to push! My labours have got quicker with each so next time (???) I really think you should camp out at the maternity ward!

  • Laura Breedon

    Oh wow a great story! And extremly please to know there is someone else out there who had a natural birth with twins! My boys are 15weeks old now and they was the same, one head and the other feet first! And big babies too being 7lb 5oz and 6lb 13oz!!

    I am delighted to know I am not a freak (like other twin Mum’s say) because I had a quick natural birth!!

    Loving the Twin Thing :)

  • Laura Breedon

    Fantastis, I am please to know there is another ‘twin mummy’ out there that had a natural twin birth. My boys are now 15weeks and people are generally atonished when I tell them about my labour and birth. I too had one head down and one feet first!!

    Loving the Twin Thing!!

    • I know what you mean, people can’t believe that I had them so quickly and naturally, but there really was no time for anything else!Congratulations on your new born twins. You have so many exciting things ahead for you. x

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