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Turning Three!

All of last week my son and I had the same excited conversation….that being that it was his birthday at the weekend and he was going to be three. He would hold his hand up and show me his fingers. He was going to have a Mickey party and a Mickey cake. This was nearly hindered by the arrival of Jake and the neverland pirates this month but I managed to convince him that Mickey was better (plus I had already got lots of stuff!)

I had the busiest of weeks with a day in London (treat street) and one of my best friends weddings which was beautiful by the way! So by Saturday morning I had not even made the cake let alone, tidied the house, sorted presents, party games and decorated. It was mayhem. Luckily hubby took the twins party food shopping and left me with BBto make the cake.

My mum came to assist and she was just a gem all day! BBgot to open some presents, his favourite being the art set my sister got him. He keeps calling it his garage and I have no idea why, but he is very happy with it.

…and also a remote control car bought by his Godfather – you can see the excitement in his face.

Mum also helped make fairy cakes which had these brilliant personalised rice cake toppers hubby found on e-bay and she entertained the children, help clear up, make party food and was frankly just brilliant! We had all the children dressed spot on 2pm which was arrival time and the first guest didn’t come until 2.06pm, so that gave us some breathing space! The first guest were my auntie and two cousins who gave us a brilliant surprise visit. It was so lovely seeing them.

The party started off with a colouring competition of Mickey mouse pictures – it was really funny when I asked to stick them to the wall to be judged, none of the little ones wanted to hand them over. I had to promise they would get them back. The winner was my beautiful godson and I didn’t judge so it was not a biased choice.

Then ‘parse the parcel’ was entertaining. I had put a treat in every layer to keep interest, the only issue being that once they had won their layer they didn’t want to play any more…the circle just got smaller and smaller as each of them wandered off.

We finished off with a treasure hunt in the garden, which they loved!

BBloved his cake an everyone singing happy birthday too him – he was so excited to blow out his candles. The cake was very amateurish but was made with love.

Slowly everyone left with their party bag treat which actually was a Mickey or Minnie Mouse bowl with cake, a balloon and some Haribo in it. I am all for getting things that are useful as you can waste lots of money on tatty stuff that you know just gets thrown away. My party gift only cost £1 per person and that included everything…I know cheapskate but it add up when there are lots of kiddies.

Then we were left with the aftermath, which we pushed to the sides, put the very tired, sugar crashed down but contented babies to bed and ordered a Chinese. The perfect end to a great party.

Next year however…soft play me thinks!

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