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Travel with three! The Gallery

Oh I love to travel (as long as I can come home). I met my husband when I was 18 and had not really explored anywhere and to be honest it didn’t excite me, it scared me.  As my hubby is 10 years older than me he had already seen a lot of the world and was determined to continue when we started dating and he made all my fears fade. In the time before Children we have completed a tour of Italy including Venice, Florence and Rome, traveled to Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Bruges, Crete, Croatia,  New York, and Dublin along with lots of exploring of the UK.

When we had BBwe were determined not to stop having holidays and travel, but children floored the budget so we kept to the UK. Even seven months pregnant with the twins and I was climbing mountains in the Lake District.

Having the twins has complicated travel. FIrstly the issue of car seats…not many cars fit three across the back. I was thrilled to find that the Picasso did. Then once you have three car seats, a double buggy and a single in the boot it make little room for anything else. Most hotels will provide you with a travel cot, or a highchair but three? Nope!

We can’t fly as you need an adult per child, we can’t swim as you need an adult per child so it limits the ideal holiday scenario. So we now stick to days out. To be honest I find this easier as at least I can come home to all the things I need. Plus I am so lucky as my hubby is a school teacher too so we all have the six weeks off together – we get some amazing quality time so how far we travel now is not an issue.

So this is how travel looks to me at the moment! Evidence of a great day out!

Just to add that I have also been nominated for blogger of the year by Lovedbyparents. If you enjoy my blog please give us a little vote

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