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Trapped for 7 hours! Friday Funny

As part of Mummymummymum’s Friday Funny!

Setting the scene: Me, Daddy, The twins, Noah, Car seats, a car and a 7 hour road trip!

Little Madam (LM): Mummy….Mummy…

Me: Yes

LM: Mummy…Mummy…Mummy

Me: What is it Little Madam?

LM: Mummy, Mummy……..MUMMY!!!


LM: Mummy…sheep!

Me: Yes darling sheep!

LM: Mummy….sheep!

Me: Yes, another sheep!

Noah: Old McDonald had a farm…

Chilled Out Boy: Giggle Giggle

LM: Mummy, Mummy?

Me: Yes

LM: *Evil giggle*

Me: YES!

LM: Sheep!

Chilled out Boy: Juice!?

LM: Snack?

Noah: …and on that farm he had a Hamster!

Me: A hamster?!

Daddy: Hamster sandwich!

Me: *what planet am I on?*

Noah: *Hysterics* Hamster cake!

Chilled out Boy: la wa la la

LM: Mummy?…..Mummy?…..Daddy?

US: yes!?

LM: Bum Bum!

So far we have been in the car for 30 minutes.

This is going to be a long drive home!

Needless to say it did calm for a bit after a *bum bum* stop, a snack and then a nap, but then they were awake again!

We sang:

Old MacDonald with 100 million verses

101 green bottles

Read the three Little Pigs with puppet action and huffed and puffed lots!

Provided snacks, juice and potty stops!

Spotted every sheep and cow and tractor that we could see in the 7 hour drive form the Lake District! That is a lot of sheep!

I tried desperately hard not to feel travel sick from the constant turning around!

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6 comments to Trapped for 7 hours! Friday Funny

  • Good God- it sounds like enough to give you a headache!! But very amusing for them I am sure!! xx

  • Wow sounds crazy but Like a lot of fun….Yes to me it sounds fun because my children get severe travel sickness and long journeys such as this is a NO NO (pills don’t help either). Guess you always want what you can’t have, perhaps I would think differently if we was able to take such journeys.

    • multiplemummy

      Oh yes travel sickness is not good at all! I can see what you mean. I have been lucky so far, but how old were yours when the sickness started?

  • Oh God, it sounds like our car but 3 times over – thankfully our big ones are not as bad as no.3. 7 hours in a car, you have to be crazy….I think we’ve managed about 5.
    I hate all that turning around, it makes me feel sick too – we have our trusty Asda 50p bucket lined with a nappy bag always at the ready for whichever one of us needs to use it! I hate car journeys, I always get so fidgetty with nothing to do…I’m worse than the kids!

  • I always feel car sick from all the turning around! there must be something to help with that!!

    We had 100 renditions of ‘The Timewarp’ on our last long journey!


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